Sunday, October 5, 2014

post essay blog post

Can you figure out that title? What I mean to say is that this post is written after I just wrote an essay. You know? Post essay as opposed to pre essay? Whatever, it's a stupid title, I get it.

So, I have been thinking about this here blog a lot lately and how much I used to love writing it and keeping it updated and how it was the most fun hobby ever. Now it's this thing in the background that I miss.

You know what else I miss? Novels and netflix.

I should have titled this post novels and netflix. Where was that brilliance 47 seconds ago?

I have not opened a novel since August. In fact, I am half way through a pretty decent read that I had to forsake in the name of further education. It's been so long since I touched the novel I can't even remember what it is called or who wrote it and I might not even, at this moment, be able to recall where it is.

Ohhhh. my heart weeps for fiction.

I spent August in bed, reading novels and coddling my love for binge watching tv shows on the flix. I did, I'm really sorry, but I did. It was a slow, lazy month and I am not proud. But I knew September would be banana-town and dude, banana-town is an understatement.

So here is the Coles notes version of my life over the last two months:

-the teenagers both had birthdays in September. And both were...uneventful. All because I am not awesome with the full time student/mom/party planner job description. Am I fired yet? Why am I not fired yet?

- I read a ton. Hours a day. And nary a novel at that. It's all textbooks and the such and wow, just wow.

-I am taking four classes at the university in an effort to be done my degree sooner rather than later. Call me crazy.

-I have two boys in football and that is a part time job and let me tell you something, the pay sucks! But I will say that we do get a crap load of pleasure from watching our boys play football. It is pretty dang fun. But what I have learned about myself during this football season is that my heart is not cut out to watch young men play sports. I weep, literally, when any of them get hurt, and last week alone two ambulances were called at two different games and neither of those games did I have a child even playing in and I shed tears. I am a wimp. There, I said it.

- I have teenager issues. I am not allowed to say more but what I will say is that I have teenager issues.

- I also have laundry issues. And clean house issues. And cooking dinner issues.

- I have eaten everything.

- I am overwhelmed in a coping pretty good sort of way. As long as you don't check my coping on Tuesdays because Tuesdays be crazy.

But here is the gist...every time I set foot on campus and curse the day ahead I try to remember that I actually love the university and these are my last few months there and enjoying the journey is important.

So I make an attempt to enjoy the journey.

Even though the journey involves Biology 205.