Wednesday, July 30, 2014

the family reunion

This month we had our very first family reunion, on my side. My mummy wanted it real bad-like so someone made it happen.

Not sure who it was, maybe my sister?

Anyway, four nights in a lodge in Waterton with 31 people. At first I was like, "Yippee!!!!! A family reunion!!!!!!" And then as time went on I found that exclamation marks were falling by the wayside and eventually it got to the point where I was like "A family reunion????? Whose idea was that????"

Mmmmm, skunk spray jelly beans.
And then I got there. And saw all my people in the same place. And I was all "Only four nights with all my people??" It just wasn't enough. The cuteness from the little ones was too much. We played and ate (oh mercy did we eat) and swam and walked and ate ice cream and played funny games that involved jelly beans that tasted like boogers and skunk spray and barf and an assortment of ill-tasting things. The kids had an amazing time together and all the grown ups got along. Not that the grown ups in my family don't get along but four nights in a lodge? C'mon, that's a recipe for disaster.


The man and I even sneaked away for a romantic dinner in Montana that may have included a steak the size of my head.

The time flew by. I loved it. It was a really great and wonderful and lovely experience. Except, my iPhone does not take great pictures at said lodge.

And then this happened...

Monday, July 28, 2014

i may be marathoning the mindy project as we speak

Forgive me blog, for I have sinned. It has been two months (exactly) since my lost blog post.

Was that sacrilegious? Unoriginal? I do apologize.

Honestly, though. Where does the time go? I don't even know where to start....

Since January school really has sucked the life out of me. And I have another noholdsbarred year left to go. Ugh...sigh...whyisitsohard? I am all tired and worn out and completely dazed. Like a shell of a human being.

That may have been a tad over dramatic.

I feel old. I might be old. I might be too old. Justkeepswimming. Over and over and over again.

So, I have been to my mummy's house, in the Okanagan, or the lake as I like to call it, twice this month already. That was a lot of commas, what am I learning at the Uni, heaven have mercy! The first time was gloriously relaxing. I took Amelia and her little friend Emily. I took Emily to keep Amelia out of my hair. I mean, I took Emily because...who am I kidding...I took her to keep Amelia occupied so as to not interfere with my entirely selfish beach novel reading. I am at eight novels finished since July 1st.

That's awesome, right?

Goof balls

So the second time I went I had planned only to take Holden and Amelia because their little cousins were going to be there to occupy them so as to not interfere with my beach novel reading. But then the teenagers decided they wanted to come, and not work as was originally planned, and I couldn't talk the man into ditching work and coming too, and so therefore I had the teenagers all to myself and there is just something about that that lacks in, hmmmm, what do you call

Just kidding, they're fun. #whatever.

Why are there so many commas in this post? I do not know.

So now I am home for the rest of the summer because football season starts on Monday and boyohboy do I love football season. Plus, also, I am doing a block week course first week in September (block week is when you do an entire semester in 5 days so really it'll be a pieceofcakeIamsure) and I already have homework for that so besides all the non-beach novel reading I plan on doing I also have a text book to read for a 5-day marathon course.

My life is so fun, I know.

Also, I have decided that I am on the hunt for the scariest book ever. And in this hunt I have discovered that I totally dig the King. Stephen King that is. He's loads of fun to read. I even had my first Stephen King induced nightmare last night. It was actually more like a Paranormal Activity dream where I was possessed by a demon and being dragged out of my bed and stuff and it was super scary but I have to admit, I kinda liked it.

I may some respect or another. The 21 episodes of The Mindy Project I have watched in the last 24 hours may be proof of that. Or maybe a result of it? I don't really know at this point.

So...there you have it. Happy Monday and remember to read read read because it is amazing amazing amazing.