Friday, May 9, 2014

another friday mishmash

I was convinced that when I had two weeks off school I needed a project. I had a head full of ideas: I could paint a room, work on my book, clean up the hovel. I did none of it. Instead, I have run around, driving myself places, and I can't even remember where now. My head is swimming in bafflement, what do I do all day?

I bought groceries three days ago and they are still sitting on my kitchen floor. Canned goods and the such. Some might look at me, or my house, and assume a level of depression has fallen like a veil across my life. But I assure you, it is not so much a depression as it is an astoundingly high level of lazy. It's cavernous actually. A cavern of lazy, that I fell into when school finished and I took the time to stand still and check out the scenery. It took my brain a few days to realize that everything had just stopped. It was going full hog and just stopped.

And boom, cavern of lazy.

So anyway, it is Friday, before the Wednesday when school starts again and I have nothing to show for it besides unemptied groceries, unfolded laundry, atrophied muscles and an unfinished novel.

So the other day I walked into a 7-11 and was followed by a person who turned out to be an old friend of mine. After we greeted each other she said, "Funny story, I saw you get out of your car and walk in here and I was watching you from behind and noticed your outfit and thought 'that is SOOOO Mormon'."

And hey! I'm a Mormon, so that's awesome. Or is it?

Still, my head is all abaffled. I don't know that I want to look SOOOO Mormon. What does that even mean? I mean, do Mormons have a look?

Okay okay okay. I know the layered look is a fairly common Mormon look and that whole spaghetti strap tank top over a t-shirt look is pretty Mormon. So I guess we can add maxi skirt and sweater to the uniform as well. Sigh...I didn't know. Not only am I a Mormon, but I look like one too.

Ba dum ching.

Here is the skirt in question.  I am not putting it on, so don't ask.

Back to being a student, I did not too badly this semester, having way overloaded myself with four classes. I am quite relieved. And all bafflety-like that with my level of confusement in all things Geology I still managed to get a B+. Not the best grade ever, but you try to decipher Greek for 4 months and then take a multiple choice test in it. I'll happily take the B+ and wish Geology a nice life for it I and are forever over.

Forever I say.

I know what you're thinking. You're wondering how someone who makes up their own words is allowed into a University. Well, they are. So there. And I will continue to make up words here, there and everywhere because there should be no such thing as words that make sense to me that aren't really words.

Make sense? Ofcourseitdoes

Happy Friday!


  1. Now I need to know what you were wearing. A selfie is required with this post!

  2. I agree with Brooklyn. Pics or it never happened ;)

  3. Making up words. I think that is a requirement to be at the University. Cam spent 20 years at the U (either as a student or working) and he is the King of made up words!