Sunday, December 15, 2013

the dead man

Today, the Sabbath day. A day of rest.

I just have one question...

Rest for who?

First there's the church thing. Three hours of skirts and slips and jewelry. This is a tiring thing. And then there is the choir thing. I play the piano for the choir. This is also a tiring thing.

I tire, what can I say?

And then there was the getting ready for the very tiny piano recital at my house. I only have two students so when I say tiny I really mean it. For two students, though, it means a mom and a dad and two grandmas and a grandpa.

All in my house.

What I am trying to say is that we had company over and my house was not fit for such a thing.

When I got home from choir I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned and then took a break from cleaning to prepare dinner. Once that was in the oven I cleaned again and then again and then some more.

A comment made to me, by the man, at the end of the day gave me pause to reflect upon the happenings of the day. I decided to split it into two lists. His and hers. A she did, he did sort of thing.

My list looks like this:

race home mid-church to start a loaf of homemade bread and then race back to church again
after church, come home and tidy
which involved rehanging ornaments on tree that fell down and hasn't been forgiven yet
rearrange furniture
unload and load dishwasher (3 times. who is doing all the eating around here?)
make dinner for 13
make dessert for 16
clean bathroom
serve dinner
serve dessert
clean dinner and dessert

The man has his list too, for the man had things to do. His list looks like this:
play in garage for many hours
make veggie platter
eat dinner
eat dessert
tuck Amelia in

Then the comment was made. The very comment that made me pause for reflection. The comment that has brought us here today. He came into my hallowed kitchen, the kitchen I was preparing to tuck in for the night and said this very thing, "Well, that wasn't so hard, was it?"

Oh, yes he did.

And then I murdered him. But I'll have to wait until tomorrow to bury him because my back is killing me.


  1. That was an AWESOME post! Loved it!!

  2. He is very lucky that he is married to a wonderful woman like you AND he is also lucky that all the forks and knives were dirty so that you didn't have anything at hand to stab him with!

  3. So funny! You should book out the Max Bell Theatre for your recital, all the cool kids do it

  4. The man's list looks a lot like my list, except mine has put up the Christmas lights on it, which still isn't done.

    I just stumbled upon you're blog. My wife says we're related, sort of. :)

    1. That's you and me sort of related, not me and my wife. Sorry, that was confusing. :/

    2. Hahaha. I was wondering what kind of dude was "related" to his wife.

  5. It's justifiable homicide. You'll get off. Pray you have a female judge.

  6. Every woman on the planet would forgive you. And help you with the body.

  7. I am amazed at the fact that you wear slips under your skirts. I thought I was the only one left. lol