Tuesday, December 3, 2013

just do the homework and then write your letter

Yesterday I started writing a research paper that is due tomorrow. Not my greatest plan, I will admit. I have positively punished myself with this paper for 24 hours and I can't even really say it is all my fault. We didn't even get the topics for it until last week and then we had a final to study for and I also had a big class presentation I needed to do. How am I expected to get it all done? Don't they realize that I am very busy woman? And why don't they coordinate their homework expectations accordingly?


It's all my fault.

That reminds me....last week the Professoress was asking us questions about the format of the course this semester and if we liked it better than courses past. I certainly liked it better. But I was definitely among the minority. For me it was less work because I did all the readings. I always do all the readings because that's what I am supposed to do. The prof's give you the syllabus and you do the readings. That's university, right?

Apparently not. Apparently you can not do the readings and then Wikipedia everything you need to know 5 minutes before class and get away with it.

Pfffft. Why doesn't anyone tell me this stuff?

As some students implied with their laments, you can get away this for a time. At least until you are expected to write about what you learned. And then all of a sudden....too hard!

Anyway, so I do the readings and then I do the essays based on them and I do very well in this class and the Professoress and I get along splendidly. However, as it came to light this particular day, if you don't do the readings, but instead rely on Wikipedia for basic information, the essays are "like really hard, y'know? And there's, like, lots of them and it's so much work and, like...."

The professoress stood in silence and disbelief. How could the children be so cruel and inconsiderate? How could they say such hurtful things? I wanted to hold her. Reassure her. "There there, little one, I do the readings. And I know that redhead in the corner does them too. All is not lost. We like the essays."

But I didn't, because.....weird.

Anyway, one dark long haired stallioness (what are those called) said this, out loud, for all to hear, "It's like you guys don't care that we have, like, other things to do as well. It's like you all think you're the only class we have. There's so much reading, it's so much work."

The professoress stood stunned, her frame raising to the peak of her 5 foot capacity. Speechless. All she could muster was a, "Paaaahhhh...."

At this point I felt the need, with all the gentle motherly chastising superpowers I could bring forth from the depths of my disbelieving soul, to raise my hand.

So I did.

When I was done speaking, I closed my book and the dark long haired stallioness put her infuriated head down and texted madly on her phone for the rest of the class. The professoress looked upon me kindly, smiled, and mouthed a "thank-you" as I exited the room.

Here is another gentle reminder. It is Giving Tuesday today and one of the best things in life, I have decided, is when the winter comes and people get all in the mood to give give give. In whatever way that is, I love to watch it and participate when I can. It is most warming unto my heart. This is best time of the year. Minus the blizzard and the Elf on the Shelf, but that's okay. We can all handle a little earth shaking wind every now and then. And millions of pictures of your weird Elf.

So, if you are looking for something to do that won't cost you anything but some time, please remember this great cause and consider it for yourself and maybe do it as a family. It's very humbling to be reminded that while I am home all snug in my house with my snug healthy kids and we are well as well can be that there are those whose Christmas looks quite different this year.

And thanks for coming here over and over. I appreciate you. All of you, even if you are as quiet as mice.

Happy Giving Tuesday, everyone!

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