Friday, November 29, 2013

this is an essay. i dare you to tell me it's not...

Friday night. My family is at the church Christmas party. I stayed home to work on a research paper that is frighteningly closing in on it's due date. The wee one is still hacking up a lung so she stayed home too. I did not tell her Santa was going to be there. Actually, I don't even know if Santa is going to be there. I am workingworkingworking. Except when I'm not…. This is what I have learned on this very learned Friday:

-the LooneyTunes show is vicious. Like vicious to the point I worry about the future of the child watching it. That show is full of mean girls and weird ducks.

-I am not watching it. I am listening to it in the background of this here essayfest.

-gingersnaps are delicious but will give you a serious tummy ache if they are all you eat.

-I want turkey

-I have chin hairs that need to be dealt with. TMI? Possibly...

-I love my new slippers. They are rad

-the word 'rad' is rad. Youknow?

-I removed all video games with bad words from my house today. I am unpopular, to say the least. I did however replace them with new, more appropriate video games. I have been informed that I may as well return them since "they are for babies". I am returning them.

-kids are the worst.

-I feel really good about the fact that I had a class presentation this week and a final and both are done.

-I feel really bad that I am going to miss 2 of the 3 Christmas parties I have this weekend because of this paper I have neglected until today.

-On Wednesday I am technically done this semester and therefore I will celebrate with a movie.

-the Book Thief is out. Waaaaaaaaaaaahhhh. Did you read The Book Thief? Broke my heart. I love a good book. And THAT was a good book.

-I got my hair cut today and I don't like it. I even came home and took a shower to re-do it and I still don't like it. Oh bother…..

-I should be working.

-blogging is work, right?

-the phone has rung no less than 36 times today. I hate the phone.

-Amelia has sneezed no less than 306 times. I think her head might explode.

-I should be working. I am going back to work. What else can I tell you?

-What do you want for Christmas? I love Christmas. My kids will not be getting any video games for Christmas. Let's all feel good about this, shall we?

-My hairdresser yelled at Amelia today which was both crazy and fascinating to witness. She's from the UK. Nuff said.

-I am hungry. For turkey. I guess I'll eat a gingersnap….

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