Thursday, November 7, 2013

a mad love affair

Remember when I wrote this?

And then I wrote this?

Well, now I am writing this. I love my Paisley so very much. Like I love her so much that I might die if she left me.

Just ask the man how much I love my weighted blanket. He'll probably tell you it has come between me and him. He'll tell you it weighs the comforter down and that I end up hogging the blankets. He'll tell you all sorts of malarkey, but what he won't tell you is that she and I are one in purpose. And that purpose is a good night's sleep. A sleep which is had when my Paisley in gingerly placed on top of me. And because I sleep better, I am more human when it comes to dealing with man things.

Like whiskers in the sink. And smelly bathrooms. And the grouchy.

Yes, the man can be grouchy. Just ask the children.

When I read I throw Paisley on my feet. When I study I do the same. She calms me, grounds me and comforts me.

I love her.

I think I mentioned that.

The lady who made this blanket for me is feelin' awful generous today and told me she is giving one away.

Huh, wha??

So that means you can own one too. For free. If for free so inclines you......

Go enter her giveaway and then cross your fingers. And toes. And I will cross all my things on your behalf because I really really really want everyone in the world to have one of these amazing blankets. They are helpful for all sorts of things, check out her website for a list of them.

Go enter now! And to you I say good luck!!

(Scroll down a bit to get to the giveaway, I can't figure this blogging stuff out.)

Hippo Hug Weighted Blanket Giveaway

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