Monday, October 28, 2013


Life is so busy and exhausting and things are getting pushed to the wayside. Like this here bloggy blog.

Sorry bloggy blog, I don't mean to neglect. It's me, not you.

I promise.

Anyway, it's not like I'm not writing entirely. I write papers and tests and cheques. And then more cheques. Until I have no more money. But this is not the point.

I also write over here.

I usually get to write about the experiences the volunteers are having with those inflicted with the C word, but this time I got to write about a special patient and her unique experience. What a pleasure it was.

I would say 'enjoy' but that just doesn't seem like the right word.......

P.S. Also, please remember this is me writing on behalf of someone else. Don't be the smart alec who texts me asking if I have cancer.

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