Saturday, July 27, 2013

the foulest confession

I'm just going to say it. As awful as it may sound. As horrible as you might think I am. As ungrateful as it may sound. 

I'm just going to say it. I can't wait for September. 

There, I said it. 

I love my kids. I really do. And these foster kids who have hit their one month mark? I really really like them too. But the combination of my kids and these great foster kids is a cacophony of LOUD LOUD LOUD voices. This might be the loudest gaggle of kids in the history of gaggly kids. 

And there are reasons the noise is not sitting so well with me. But that's not the point. The point is the talking. There is endless talking. And between one 15 year old, two 13 year olds, two 10 years olds and a very enthusiastic 7 year old there is no end to the talking. 

Please, is it not possible to enjoy each other's company without all the loud chit chat? I mean, I think it's possible but the children strenuously object. 

Strenuously object? Yes, it is possible to strenuously object. And they do. Oh, trust me, they do!

Now I'm in the mood for some Tom Cruise and Demi Moore. Great...

Moving on. The children have passionately taken to a new driving game. I really enjoy it. And by that I mean I despise it with every fibre of my being. It goes a little something like this:

Child: Look, it's a Honda. No wait, Dodge. 

Another child: Hey look! It's a Dodge. Oh, nope, that's a Suburu. 

And still yet, another child: TOYOTA!!

Other child: yep! Good job. I hate Toyotas. HONDA!

Another child: no, that's a Lamborghini. 

Previous child: huh? No! That's a Honda! As if you saw a Lamborghini. Where did you see a Lamborghini? 

Other previous child: back there, you idiot. Geez, we're driving, the cars are moving. Idiot. 

Me: we don't say idiot in our family. 


Original child: VOLKSWAGON!!!!

Another child: FORD!!!! 

And still yet, another child: DODGE!! Wait, no, what is that?

Know-it-all child: It's a Suburu. 

Previous child: what's a Suburu anyway?

Know-it-all child: it's a car. Idiot. An ugly car. 

Me: hey!! What did I say about saying idiot?!?! 


Original child: HONDA!!!

So.....without further explanation or justification of my feelings, let's reiterate. 

I can't wait for September. 


  1. Yours are loud, mine are vampires who stay up all night then sleep till 3pm....we all have our cross to bear Sista! HONDA! So yeah, September where the EFF are you???

  2. My kids come home from college/university at various times but for June, July & August all 3 of them are here. I foolishly believed I did not like being an empty nester, I was WRONG.

  3. Mine got married and moved to California in January. Lets just say my blood pressure has dropped 10 points and the last piece of cake is still in the fridge when I get home from work.