Tuesday, June 4, 2013

the author is a friend of mine

Saturday night was book club. Book club 2, that is. We read a very funny and so true-to-life book it frightens me. The author just happens to be in book club 2, which is so very awesome it frightens me.

A couple of weeks ago I went to Chapters to purchase said book. When I got it to the till the cashier gave a little wee gasp and said, "Oh, I want to read this book. I just bought it for my mom for Mother's Day, I think she'll love it."

To which I responded, "I'm sure she will love it. The author is a friend of mine."

I have never said that before. The author is a friend of mine. And all of a sudden it dawned on my over stuffed brain that I have some very cool friends.

Very cool, indeed.

So, the author is a friend of mine and she wrote a book. And it was extremely pleasing unto me. You see, the book is about parenting and all the crazy things that might accompany such a feat. She had twins in Thailand.

I totally could have written this book.

Except the Thailand part. And the twin part. And who am I kidding? I could not have written this book. It's called Don't Lick the Minivan because well, you see, her kids did that.

Amongst other things.

Read it.
Excuse the cleavage. It was a long day.


  1. You could totally write this book. I laughed out loud at this post. Just go to Thailand. I'll come too. Can we leave our kids at home?

    1. You guys go! Im an Uber Auntie. I will watch the children and can guarantee you'd end up with enough content for a 2nd in the series ;).

  2. We do have some awesome people in our book club don't we? I'm pretty sure we have the best book club of all time.