Thursday, June 20, 2013

and then i screamed, sugar crush!!

Me: please turn the sound off on your phone. You know the sounds make me insane. 

Him: yeah yeah yeah. 

Me: this level is impossible. I hate it. Oh wait!! Wait!!! . . . WOOT!!

SUGAR CRUSH!!!!!!!!!!

Him: hey, I got a sugar crush too!! Woo hoo! 

Me: shhhhh.

Him: what? What do you mean shhhh? You just hollered about your sugar crush. Why am I not allowed to celebrate my sugar crushes?

Me: because I work really hard at my sugar crushes. Yours just come naturally. You're pretty cocky about your candy crush accomplishments, you know. 

Him: Hey!! I work pretty damn hard at some of my sugar crushes. 

And this is how the Dabels start a rainy Thursday morning. 

1 comment:

  1. Oh how I loved Candy Crush. But my love for it died when I hit level 165. I've been stuck there forever. Forever! I play a game or two every couple days, and never get close. If you get to that level and pass it, tell me what the secret is, cause I clearly don't know it.