Friday, June 14, 2013

a day in the life

I have been neglectful this week, dear bloggy. I've been a busy busy girl. It doesn't take much to get lost in life and before you know it days have passed and you realize you haven't taken a breath in forever.

Lately I have been asking my anxiety pills if they are still in agreement with my body. I think their answer is that they may not be. It's been month of running piggies. They don't want to settle. Sometimes it's hard to breathe and I get way more worked up about stuff than anyone should have to. We'll work it out, no worries.

I can't believe I just told you that.

Oh yeah, right, I forgot, I'm an open book.

So anyway, I did some research as to when it is people find the time to blog and most of them said they do it at night.

At night!!! Can you even imagine it? 

At night I am a vegetable. And vegetables don't think so good.

This is how my day goes. I get up with kids. I make lunches. I clean up that mess. Sometimes I make lunches the night before and leave that mess until the morning tidy because...well, I'm lazy, you see. I get kids to school. I run errands. If I'm feeling especially spicy I'll hop on the treadmill. 

I don't often feel spicy. 

I shower. I do homework and homework and homework. And when I'm blind from homework I get kids from school

This is where things get really fun. And by fun I mean this is where every last bit of patience and energy I woke with gets tested, used and abused. The children talk. Endlessly. And instead of saying something like this to them, "Please, for the love of all that is peaceful and tranquil, STOP TALKING ALL THE TIME!" I just nod my head. I smile and and talk back. And I laugh. Because after all, they are very funny people, indeed, and they make me laugh a lot. 

Then I muster up some food for their consumption. Why do they need to eat all the time?

And then...I drive. I drive here. I drive there. I drive everywhere. Because not only do they want to eat all the time, they also want to do fun things like football and dance and martial arts. 

And I am nothing if not a supportive mom. I hardly ever resist their wants and desires at all. 
(I tell myself what I need to to get through the day) 

Then, when all is done, the driving that is, and children are all tucked quietly away in their hovels, I fall on my bed. This is where I remind myself of all things I DIDN'T get done. Like that spicy treadmill thing. And I try to ignore the guilt of not unloading the dishwasher, sweeping the floor, blogging, cleaning my room, changing the laundry, which will now spend another night sitting all wet-like in the washing machine. There is never an end to all the things that don't get done.

But, I think it's safe to say that if you're a woman, then you hear my plight and feel me.

You feel me, right? I am not alone in this gong show of life. I know I'm not. One of the best inventions in the history of amazing inventions is facebook. Where, at any given point in the day, one can log in and read the insanity that is the lives of others.

We are not alone, people. No siree, we are not alone. 

But I do have an announcement to make. After a one year hiatus that turned into 46 months, 13 of those months being paperwork, home studies and logistics, we are now fostering again. 

This is great news, don't you think? Finally doing right by the world again. So now when I fall into bed all vegetable-like at 7:30.....I mean really late at night..... and begin my daily berating for not doing important things, I can remind myself that there are soon going to be 6 kids here. Not just four. And that is a good thing. Good for everyone.

Wait a minute . . . 6 kids? And not just four?? That's a lot more wet laundry rotting in the washing machine.


Our new boys are transitioning slowly to us from out of town. They will move in permanently as soon as school is done. For the purposes of this here blog they will have alias' and not be photographed for confidentiality reasons. But I do declare, they will provide much fodder. 

I'll bet you're on the edge of your seats. You are, aren't you? Happy weekend, all!

Waiting anxiously for two new brothers.


  1. Good luck on your new journey. Y'all are good people.

  2. Totally random question....did you used to teach piano? And perhaps to a little girl named Amber Hughes?

    1. I sure did, little miss Amber! I used to drive all the way out behind COP to see you! I love your mom so much.

    2. Haha. Too funny. Thank you for being such an amazing piano teacher. I owe it all to you and those stickers! And I agree, I love my Mom too! Your blog is hilarious. I am glad I found you!