Friday, May 17, 2013

points of slight exaggeration

Ok. Wow. What a week. Spring semester started Tuesday and I am already drowning in homework. There is so much reading and thankfully some of it is half way entertaining. The rest of it?

Might just kill me with boredom!

So my sister had a baby last night in about 32 seconds. Which is how I like it because I watch her kids while she's doing it and I don't like to wait.

As we well know.

So usually I show up at her house and someone is there watching the kids because I am not near fast enough. Shortly after I arrive and assess the state of the other kids I get a text from her husband. And by shortly after I mean like 15 minutes...give or take.

One thing about my sister, when she wants something done, it gets done.

Mallory Anne is as sweet as you could imagine. I do declare that she represents the very last time I will be made an auntie. I am at 26 now and I do believe the child bearing is done. Although, I wouldn't put it past my one brother to get some banana idea in his head...

Speaking of university professors...I might have some advice for them. It involves common sense but I am skeptical professors have much of that. It seems to me that the professor-type has a tendency to give exams worth only 10% of your final grade and then proceed to inform you that the info covered on the exam will take you approximately one million hours to study.

So here's my advice: either don't bother with a test worth 10%. Or, make the test worth more than a measly 10%.


Well, I am off. I have a psychology class tomorrow for almost 6 hours, (yes, I know it's a Saturday) and the prof has assigned 80 million pages to read. I also have an assignment due for a class that might just be considered the most boring class offered at the university.

If you are ever wondering where I am, I am here. Hiding under text books that only cost 473 millions dollars.

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