Wednesday, April 10, 2013

dinner from a can...again

Monday morning we woke to snow. The man announced that he was not working another second in the snow this winter. He was staying home.

Awesome, I thought. I had a paper to write so he could be me for the day and I could be an unemployed writer. Which is exactly how I want things to be anyway so it seemed the perfect opportunity to make my dreams come true for the day.

Here are some snippets of a conversation we had throughout the day:

"Since you're home today, you can make dinner for the kids," I half suggested and half announced.

"No problem," he replied.

He proceeded to be in and out for the day, working in the garage, running errands so I didn't have to, disappearing, reappearing and disappearing again. At 3:45 I started to wonder what his plans were for dinner but I didn't care enough to wonder out loud.

At one point he said to me, "You know that stuff you made yesterday for dinner and then put the leftovers in the freezer?"

"Yes..." I said.

"Can we just have that?"

"I suppose. But then you aren't really making dinner, are you?"

He disappeared again. Eventually he showed up with an arm full of Chunky Soup cans. A variety even. I love his creativity. When I peered at him and smirked he said...

"I am not in the mood to cook."

And I thought to myself, wow! he really is me today.