Sunday, April 7, 2013

a feast of body and soul. literally

It's general conference weekend.

If you are not a Mormon then you probably don't know what that means.

If you are a Mormon then you know that means that we sat around in our jammies today eating our brains out and listening to some awesome things being said by awesome and funny people via the interwebs getting our souls filled whilst our tummies burst with bacon.

Mmmmmm, bacon.

And conference and food really have nothing to do with each other.

Actually, yes they do.

So anyway, don't forget to throw your name in the literal hat for tomorrow's giveaway here at the dabels divulge. ( I am too stuffed to capitalize. blargh)

Tomorrow I will be running and running and running to work off this day. And writing a stupid paper. Is this semester done yet? geez louise.

And then we will draw for winners.

Mmmmmm, pop.

Love, Catie.

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