Friday, March 29, 2013

tidbits of life i am willing to share

I am so ready for this semester to be done. I'm tired and sick of all the reading. I want to read and finish a novel soon. A novel.

I went to Costco TWICE this week. I don't know what has come over me. And I didn't eat the crap at the concession either times. This is where the true miracle lies.

My Comm professor drank a beer in class yesterday that the guest lecturer brought for him. It was funny. It was all of 11:15 in the morning.

I am taking the man to Mexico in May. We very much need a getaway. Time to rot on a beach before spring semester starts. Ahhhhhh....

He is done working in Edmonton. He was gone for 5 months. I believe I barely complained about it.

I have barely slept since he returned. I need my own bed. Don't tell him I said that.

I became a great aunt yesterday to a little dude named Dawson. That name has always been on my list. I love love love it. I guess now I have to invest in frosted pink lipstick and bright blue eyeshadow, since I think that's what great aunts are supposed to do. And maybe a visor.

The other day I took the children swimming at a wave pool with some friends of theirs. I hate swimming, it makes me exhausted and I find it so terribly boring. After we were done we drove 2 blocks to the closest Subway for lunch. As I pulled up I noticed two young boys, maybe 12ish, standing outside the store. They each had a handgun.

They looked so real. They probably weren't. Or maybe airsoft guns? Regardless, I was shocked. My children were shocked. We decided to drive on and remove ourselves from that end of town. I will never go back to that wave pool.

I am a snob.


  1. Don't forget the fanny pack. Great aunts always have fanny packs. Bonus points for a sweatshirt that features kittens.

    1. Add a wrapped hard candy covered in lint, and you have the trifecta of Great Aunts.

  2. Why do I get the feeling that was MY end of town?

  3. Seriously a gun?? scary!