Monday, February 4, 2013

pet peeve: numero uno. a vlog

I've been holding this inside for a long time. Feels good to finally get it off my chest.

Deep breaths....


  1. I wish you needed a reason to thank me so I could have Crave cupcakes!!!!

  2. Don't hold back! ;) I don't like when people won't say "I don't know" either. Second to people who give an answer they know is wrong just because they feel the need to answer

  3. I think people answer under their breath because they want everyone AROUND them to know that they are 'SMART', but consider themselves too cool to be the person who knows all the answers in class.

    PS Crave is closed on Mondays, great blog though!!

  4. OK have I been saying it wrong? I know its spelt ORnery but I say AWN-ery. (Blonde moment)