Sunday, February 24, 2013

2nd annual pop chugging contest

The children wanted to perform. In honor of the Oscars...and such.

They are stars. Seriously, they are.

Sadly, the video got cut off again, it always does. The winner was unable to give his acceptance speech but in my humble opinion, the burping says it all.


  1. Very funny! What a fun family tradition to start, I can just see it years from now when they are all married and bringing their spouses into the contest.
    BTW when I was growing up we had a Mandarin orange eating contest that resulted in at least one person vomiting - yeah - that was the last time we tried it.

  2. hahaha Regan's family used to do this every christmas eve in the hot tub :)

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    1. I would have this comment, demonstrating an alternative opinion on pop, if this guy Buzz would have posted mine. He doesn't play fair.