Thursday, January 24, 2013

we dance

Blogging on a Thursday? What is this?? I hate Thursdays, but you knew that.

Hmmm, I really have nothing to say. Well, actually, I may have many many ADD type things to say. And instead of waiting for them to come out coherently maybe I'll just throw them up here and call it a day.

Because it really has been quite a day, hasn't it? Well, it is Thursday so that goes without saying.

So, I dropped Italian. 10 classes in and my frustration level was through the roof.

Right through it, I say.

I had about 5 hours left until the deadline and I mulled it over and then mulled it over again. Do I drop it and pick up something else two weeks in? Or do I stick with it and study my brains out and ignore the children and the house again like I did for the ENTIRE previous semester. So in a flash of whimsy (for I prefer to believe it was a whimsical moment and not a hormone driven one but deep down we all know what was driving it) I dropped it and picked up an English class. I have decided that everything is much easier in English.

I think I might be too brain dead to pick up a new language. I mean I want to learn Italian, I really really do. But I also don't want to be that kind of frustrated.

You know what I'm taking about right? The kind of frustrated that if I was a drinker would drive me to drink earlier than the 4 pm I would normally drink at.

If I was a smoker I'd have to smoke like 20 cigarettes instead of my regular 10. What is the average number of cigarettes a stressed out old person at the university would smoke anyway? Because I have no idea. 20 seems like an awful lot.

And if I was a shoplifter I'd probably have to steal something crazy like snowsuits and skis and stuff because those things are risky to steal and the thrill of getting away with stealing skis might help me deal with the stress of slow Italian recall.

Anyway, my teenager, the oldest one, has been off school for two weeks and has another week to go. What in the...? Since when does high school give kids three whole weeks to write two exams? She wrote two exams in the first three days and now she sits around being all lazy-like in her weird low crotch lululemon pants and I think it is wrong wrong wrong.

Is that what it was like when I went to high school? Because I don't remember it being that awesome.

Tomorrow is the man's birthday and I bought him nothing. I am a terrible wife.

My other teenager irons a shirt for school every night. He is 13 and he irons his own shirts and he does it every single night and I think it is terribly strange, indeed.

Let me rundown last weekend for you. Friday night we had 17 7 year old girls here squealing and running and dancing. It was both loud and cute. I didn't even take a single Advil.

Saturday I took 10 10 year olds to the pool for three hours. Because I am an awesome mom and not at all making up for being emotionally absent for the last two birthdays this particular child has had.

I am totally making up for it.

Sunday I had something like 17 people here for dinner and we ate an entire slab ice cream cake. Yes, we did. Which reminds me, the night before, as the man and I were buying said slab cake he locked his keys in the rental minivan and we had to wait forever for the Triple A guy to come and Dairy Queen kept their store open for us because it was flipping cold outside. And the man really sucked at date night that night.

So now I go to get the child from dance because it's Thursday and that's what we do on Thursdays.

We dance.

And good night.


  1. The High School thing is crazy! I made Ben apply for jobs today. He is doing so much of nothing I can't stand it!
    Melanie(too lazy to log in)

  2. This post was all kinds of awesome but the shoplifting paragraph was my favorite. I love the way you think!

  3. No wonder you haven't shopped for your husband. You're all birthday'd out. And the ironing thing? Yeah, that's weird. Ironing sucks.