Wednesday, January 30, 2013

is bates a bad guy?

Someone found my blog by googling 'gypsy polygamy'. I don't know why, but this gives me a profound amount of satisfaction in life.

I had nothing to do today. Almost literally. I did need to do a title and reference page for my latest heavy-on-the-feminst paper and I also had to get my haircut. I asked her to go shorter and she did just that. I should have clarified that I didn't mean that short but I didn't and now it is that short.

Oh well, hair grows.

I find that the days where I really legit have nothing to do really drag. I am bored. And I want to eat endlessly. What I should have done today was clean my house but you know what I have discovered when I set to cleaning my house? Someone sets to making it messy again and there is a level of irritation associated with that concept that I would much rather have lived without today.

I watched the Biggest Loser last night and I don't know why I watch that show because I think about ice cream for two straight hours. What kind of sick twisted reaction is that? It isn't right. And Downton Abbey? No no no no no. What happened this week was just plain wrong.

Wrong, I say.

Does anyone else predict Bates to be a true bad guy? Part of me hopes he is because that would be the kind of drama suited well to the show. But part of me says he better not be a bad guy because his wife is the best. What's her name?

Anyway, Vine. Let's talk about Vine. The new app. Man, do I love that app. I Vine my kids every chance I get and yesterday Cicely flew from her chair when she noticed me Vining her and came at me like a rabid rhino removing my phone from my hand yelling "Delete it! Delete it!" and making it very clear I was not to Vine her.


Then the man explained to her that it's in my blood to torture the kids. She gets it from her dad, so he said. She can't help it, so he said. And as I took my phone back I shook my head.

In agreeance.

It's true. I can't help but torture the children. And now I have Vine to help me.

Thank you Vine. We are good buds already.

P.S. Agreeance is a word, right? No? Huh?


  1. I love you, Catherine!

  2. So it's not normal to want ice cream the entire time you watch the biggest looser?

  3. Complete agreeance here!

  4. Lookin' so nice over here! Get a pic up, pretty lady. ; )

  5. I have to physically stay on the couch or do squats during the commercials of BL to stop myself from going to the kitchen and eating.

  6. Girl, you have a ton on your mind.
    ps. Love the new blog look.