Friday, November 2, 2012

single woman

The man left me. He moved to Edmonton.

This is tragic, is it not?

He is contracting a huge project up there. He says he'll come back eventually. I hope he's telling me the truth. However, he did move into my brother's basement and my brother has 4 small children. If that doesn't send him home kicking and screaming, I don't know what will.

He left yesterday afternoon and I have been in a "mood' ever since. I am trying very hard to be supportive but he forgot to take four children with him so I'm having to dig deep.


So, probably, for the next 2 months, or 4 months, or eternity, you'll hear me bemoan my existence on a regular basis. Allow me to apologize now to reduce the risk that all the many "I'm sorry, I'm whining again's" you're about to hear will eventually mean nothing.

I truly am very sorry.

I hate being a single woman. I do not care for it one little bit. I much prefer being married. And to someone helpful, to boot. This deep-seated unhappiness I am feeling at the man's absence can only mean one of two things. One, I have a really great marriage and I don't like to be separated from the love of my life. Or, two, I am completely co-dependent.

Let's not speculate.

Yesterday I drove to or from the dance school 6 times. In the fog. Naturally, the man had to pick a Thursday to skip town. Figures. Have I mentioned how much I hate Thursdays? And today I got up, showered and went to the ONE class I have on Fridays to find out the TA cancelled it 5 minutes before. That's not annoying at all.

So on that note I wanted to welcome you to my new-ish, and hopefully temporary, life.

Hey Edmonton, as much as I loved you in years past, you can suck it now.

Mmm hmm. Suck it.


  1. Good luck!! Really 6 trips to and from the dance studio - you are a good mom!!

    1. Or a stupid mom, I forgot my wallet and needed to buy Cicely some food since she was there until 9:30. Two of those trips were my own fault.

  2. I feel your pain. I've been an actual single mom and pretty much the only good thing in your situation is you still have the other paycheque! LOL

  3. Key to surviving husband's long absences:

    Lots of cereal for dinner.

    And everyone will have low cholesterol.

  4. You'll survive! All of you. Even though I'm sure you'll have lots to say about it!