Wednesday, November 14, 2012

date night

Have you ever seen the movie Date Night? That movie was hilarious. I loved it, but not the point.

This past weekend I saw the movie Argo with the man. Now...have you seen that movie??

That same night the man was invited to go see Skyfall with the boys and I heard him tell the person on the phone that he couldn't go because he was taking his wife out to see Argo.

And people wonder why I like him.

Anyway. Argo. Have you seen it? Holy crap. Never have I seen a movie where during it I thanked my lucky stars that I was medicated for anxiety because otherwise I'd be breathing into a paper bag and wishing for a quick death. I have never, ever, ever been that anxious or stressed out in a movie. Not even The Blair Witch Project stressed me out that much.

In fact, just writing this gives me heart palpitations and the running piggies. I chewed all my nails off.

The movie was amazing, if you were wondering how I felt about it. Unbelievably good. Despite the moaning lady behind me. Talk about anxious. And stressed. Good grief, lady.

I don't know why Ben Affleck gets such a bad wrap. I really like him and he's a great director. The man hates him. Which is just so sad.

So sad.

After the movie we were arguing, again, about the merits of Ben Affleck as a human being and the man said, "Name one good movie he has been in before this one."

To which I said, "Name one bad movie he's been in."

To which he said, "Daredevil."

To which I said nothing, because he had me there.

Daredevil was a really terrible movie and strangely enough, I think I own it. I have no idea what that's about.

As we were driving to our favourite little haunt known as CoDo for our favourite Pho he said he wanted to try and explain, again, his feelings towards post secondary education. To which I said, "No thank you. I have PMS and I don't want to hate you right now."

To which he said, "Take a deep breath and listen to me."

I promptly started to ignore him and instead conversed with some friends via facebook on my iPhone. He talked and talked and talked about how he thinks post secondary education is a giant money grabber (and I agree) and a huge waste of time (I do not agree, obviously). In his ideal world, that is.

But here, on earth, in reality, where things are real and people go to university and no one cares what he thinks, we do what we have to do if we want certain jobs.

Anyway, enough of that. We'll save that for another time. I should say though, that he totally supports me finishing a degree and he understands why I have to. He just thinks it's...stupid?? We ate our dinner happily and lovingly and agreed, again, to disagree, but less than we usually disagree because he worded things differently, this time, and those things were much less offensive to my premenstrual ears than they usually are. Am I still ranting?

Good heavens.

After we ate our soup and drank 3 litres of water to sooth our burning mouths he looked me dead in the eye and said, "Should we make like babies?"

To which I looked him dead in the eye right back and hesitated to make sure I heard what I thought I just heard. I said, "And...what?"

To which he smiled and said "And head out?"

And that, my friends, is how the Dabels do date night.

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  1. Bahahaha!

    I agree. While I absolutely loved the movie, I was so stressed out that it was not a relaxing evening at all!