Saturday, September 15, 2012

22 pounds...down

So it's taken a couple of months but it's finally arrived. Another ten pound weight loss. Actually it's 12 that's gone. I said I would check in every 10 but today marked 22 pounds down and so here I am. Checking in.

It sure is slow going, let me tell you. But it's all going in the right direction so there will be no kicking any gift horses around here.

I did want 30 off by my birthday which is very quickly creeping up on me. It'll be close, I'll try really hard. I promise.

My birthday is only 3 and a half weeks away. I have 8 more pounds to lose by then. It can be done.

There is something that I can't get off my mind though. There is a brother/sister duo in my Italian class that are from Tunisia North Africa. They were saying in our last class that they would take a fishing boat and row to Sicily for the day just for fun. I need to know, why would anyone leave that and come to Canada? Why would you leave the most beautiful place on the planet and come to this cold country THAT ISN'T ITALY!?

Someone ask him and let me know. I would ask him but he might be the most annoying person I have ever encountered and I prefer not to look at him.

Yes, these are the things that I ponder whilst lying awake night after night. Speaking of lying awake, I have lots to tell you on the matter of my personal insomnia. And I will. When I find my inner courageous beast. I think she's hibernating deep within my soul.

Stay tuned.


  1. Wow! 22 pounds down - so awesome Catherine! You've inspired me to keep trying.

  2. Can I be proud of you and jealous at the same time? I've lost 5 and have 50 to go...

    1. Yes, I guess you can. But take comfort in knowing that I have 51 more to lose.

  3. You are awesome!!