Monday, August 20, 2012

she's taking a break.....she needs a break.

If you can name the movie the title of this post is from then you win the big prize!

Name that movie!

Soooo..........I'm taking a break from the blogging, as you can tell.

I'm just not so sure anymore.......

Maybe it's the summer. Maybe it's not. Maybe it's just me being moody. I think for August I'll be done and see how I feel in September.

Have a great couple of weeks until the dreaded 's' word starts.

Seriously though, name the movie.


  1. Dirty Dancing.

    Oh, and I'll miss you!!!!

  2. I'll miss you, I hope you won't take break from writing.

  3. Is the prize that you don't stop blogging? If so, I'm going to say Dirty Dancing since two people have said that...even though I have no idea. Vacations are good, but so is going home!

  4. I hope to see you in Sept my bloggy friend!

  5. Dirty Dancing! It was on TV this weekend; best movie ever! Also, have a good break AND, not to get all grammar Nazi on you (because I actually don't even know how to spell grammar; I usually spell it grammer so feel free to not put a lot of stock in my advice) BUT, an ellipse should only have three dots. And, now feel free to comb over my posts to find numerous mistakes :))

    1. I believe what you are referring to is an ellipsis................and I don't care.

    2. Oh yes, an ellipse is actually a plane curve; did I ever tell you how I'm dyslexic! Haha, no really though; I am........