Friday, August 10, 2012

russian polygamist gypsies

It's Friday. Again. How does it get to Friday so fast? You would think it's a good thing but it's really not when you look back at the week and wonder what the heck you did all week.

Hmmm, let's see. Yep, that's what I thought. I did nothing.

It's hot outside, yo. And as much as I like the heat when I'm on holidays it turns out I'm one gigantic baby when it comes to being baked inside my house all day.

Go outside? Are you insane? It's really hot outside. Why would I do that? Besides the fact that this family of mine is so lazy it's a bit humiliating actually. We really need to be more active but alas.....

So this is what kept my mind occupied this week:

The landscaping at the temple is seriously underway and I can hear the big machines moving all day long. I can't wait until it's done, it will be so beautiful. And quiet.

I spent no less than 9 hours trying to organize my university schedule. It was hard and exhausting. And it was for only TWO classes. I don't remember registering for school to be so time consuming and the days of yore.

I was having a hard time picking the classes that fit in the Intercultural requirement. Turns out I need 4 and the choices were not my cup of tea, which would explain why I need so many. I have already taken all the 'extra' courses that interest me. Now all that's left is the mandatory communication courses and this intercultural stuff.

So...a few weeks ago I picked some classes that fit the schedule pretty well and then let it bother me for weeks that I wasn't excited about either of them. This week I sat back down and stared at the computer endlessly researching every choice I had and being disappointed with them all.

Canadian studies? Really now. No thanks. The History of Taiwan? Why does such a class even exist?

No offense to Taiwan.

I do have the option of learning another language but I dismissed it because......

I don't know what that because is. Because it's every single week day. And I was trying to avoid that. Being a part time student, in my mind, did not involve going to the university every single day.

But, apparently it does, because I am learning Italian. And, well, I'll be. I am freaking excited about it.

In 2007, the man and I went to Italy and it was there that I decided that learning Italian would be the coolest thing ever. I stuck it on my bucket list. So I'm not sure why I pushed the opportunity away when it was thrown at me and stared me in the face and gave me the stink eye while I researched taking The Age of Totalitarianism.

What was I thinking?

So I changed the schedule. I do have to go every single day but I get to learn Italian which will most likely give me an air of mystique that will intrigue people more so than my mystique-y air-y-ness already does.

And I'm excited, which is sort of the point, is it not?

Anyway, I wasn't even going to tell you about that but it just slipped out.

My laptop is doing this thing where the cursor jumps around while I'm typing and my sentences get all jumbled and it's not only confusing but really aggravating and I want it to just fix itself so I stop raging.

The other night I was called in to see a member of our Bishopric to get a new calling (job at church). I hate new calling day. Everyone spends new calling day praying for a calling they want and not a calling they know they hate.

Once again, God is sticking it to me because I was asked to do the calling I have hated most in my life to date. I can't say what it is yet but I can say that when he asked me to do it I could hardly contain my physical response. My head rolled back and my face went all ragey and I fought back the urge to scream,


And then I said yes. I would never say no to a calling but man oh man, may heaven have mercy, I could not hide how I felt about it.

And then, to kick me while I was down and make me feel about 2 inches tall, he asked me to speak in church in Sunday. You'll never guess the topic.

Yep, humility. That's right. Message received.

Loud and clear.

I have this friend named Jessica, or Jess. We met when she moved here in grade 7. She introduced me to Cadbury Mini Eggs back in the day when you could only get them at Easter.

She writes this quirky little blog and today it made me laugh real hard-like at 7:15am. I'm not sure how she swings it but she lives a life that leaves her with the best stories to tell. She takes the best trips. She builds the coolest houses and she may be the only person who moves as much as I do. She's a whirlwind of entertainment.

Today, in her blog, in an oh so casual sort of way, she told a story about how she was driving along with her family in the mountains and decided to stop at a remote hot pool and who just happened to be there? But a group of Russian Polygamist Gypsies. And she said it like "oh...look who's here? It's those Russian Polygamist Gypsies we all hear so much about."

I mean, seriously??

Only Jess.


  1. good luck with the classes and the humility speech on sunday! you'll do great!

  2. Yes, and I can't wait to hear what your new calling is...because if it's your least favorite job, now I have to know what it is!

  3. I think I have a pretty good guess what your new calling may be ;) Good luck!

  4. Catherine. You rule.
    Your yoga buddy,