Friday, August 3, 2012

end of camping thoughts on a friday and such

It's Friday today. Who knew? You probably knew. Time doesn't exist when I am camping with the kids. I have missed the camping so much. We missed the last two summers because of a little nightmare called Willacy. Remember Willacy? Well, don't. We're moving on.

I think, if there was no bickering ever, I could camp endlessly. Endless amounts of camping. In a beautiful spot with a beautiful lake. Some food and some friends and some books and I would be good for a very long time. But maybe I would need more opportunity to shower my body if I was somewhere for an extended period of time.

It is here I would normally mention that Wasa has no showers and so I didn't shower for over a week and it was gross.

But I wouldn't want you to know that about me so I won't mention it.

I mean, I did clean myself. Just not traditionally. And since the man wasn't with me I didn't bother shaving. At all. Ever.

It reminded me of the time I worked at a Young Offender Wilderness camp for a month. Talk about grungy and dirty and all kinds of foul. Except then I came home every 5 days to shower and clean up.

At Wasa......nope. Just real outback kind of dirty.

It was liberating. And awesome. Try it.

Or don't. Whatever, I don't care,

I'm off the rails, as per usual. Anyway, I get so lost in time. The days melt into each other. The same routine, if you want it. Or not, if that's what you want. No schedule, no deadlines, no one telling you you have to be somewhere.

It's glorious.

We had a great time. I think, though, my kids are getting to that age where just being with me all the time isn't working for them. I force my kids to spend a lot of time together and it used to be great. But now I am seeing that they need more than just me and each other. They get tired of each other. Bored. I may need to coerce another family to come with me next year.

I love my kids but I feel their pain with all the togetherness. I think I have spent entirely too much time alone with them this summer. We could all use a break. I am taking one tomorrow. They have all been informed.

I missed the man tons. Like a lot.We didn't speak once while I was gone. We texted lots but not hearing his voice does all kinds of crazy things to my brain. I have bad dreams about him flaunting his new $1100 tattoo at church. These dreams make me wake at all crazy hours of the night fuming mad.

(He does not have tattoos, mum. No need to worry.)

When I texted him to tell him how angry I was that he would get a full back tattoo of a Popeye anchor and not tell me, he texted back and said not to worry, he would never get an anchor tattoo.

He would have got the Hamburglar instead.

My tent is so tall that even on my tippy toes I can not reach the roof. I know you were wondering, just too polite to ask.

I did not miss the puppy though, not one little bit. In fact, I never swore once, in my head or out loud the entire time I was gone. Since I've been home I am feeling all trucker talk urges returning to my soul.

This doggy is beeping annoying. Beepity beep beep beep.

I'm sad about how fast the summer is going but I think it's only because once September hits things are going to explode into a chaotic, frenzied, whirlwind of craziness around here. It scares me a little wondering if I will be able to get everything done and still have the house standing at the end of the day.

If you are wondering about my opinion on the book Outlander, and I know the majority of you are dying to know, this is it, in a nutshell:

Although it was the silliest book I have ever read in my entire life, I will admit to being 100% entertained 85% of the time. The day I finished it I did walk, in all my shame, into the book store and buy book number 2.

Yes, I did. I am sorry. And embarrassed. But it's summer. Silly reads on the beach are how it rolls, are they not?

If you read it, you will start to hear all your thoughts in a Scottish accent. And if you are anything like me then you will start to voice those thoughts out loud but you'll sound more like a pirate than a Scotsman. And when the cashier asks you "is that all?" and you respond with an "Aye..." then you'll know it's time to take a break and maybe find another grown up to talk to.

That is all I am going to say on the matter.

Talk about reading....I think this kid of mine knows how to do it right. She was living the dream whilst camping.

My dream........

She has a hard life, no?


  1. Love the reading pictures. That was me my entire teenage years. I plowed through 5 or 6 books a week...easy.

    Glad you had fun camping. I do NOT see how you go for that long in a tent. I would die. We are going next weekend & I can't wait!

  2. She is a beauty.
    Why didn't you contact me? Creepy, but you all could have washed at my house. I would totally have unhooked the camera.

    1. Hahaha!! What a strange experience that would've been. "Hey! We're here to defile your shower."

  3. I wish I had the time to read like that...

  4. Oh, I am beyond jealous of Cecily (did I spell that right?)!! Also, wow, she is so beautiful hey!