Saturday, July 21, 2012

the waiting.....

I had a temper tantrum last night. I stomped my feet and I even slammed a door before anyone could yell at me "don't slam the door!"

This is the beauty of being the grown up. I get to do the yelling and the slamming.

Without boring you with temper tantrum details I will tell you that I do not care for the feeling of being trapped. It makes me cranky and testy and prone to the slamming of doors.

I don't have a vehicle right now. I do, however, have 4 children and a million things to do and can't because I don't have a vehicle. Being trapped in and or around the house for days on end makes me stabby.

Throat punchy.

Slammy, stompy, sulky and plain old mad.

Anyway, I spent the night alone, in my room, with Bertha (yes, I named my laptop Bertha), a book, some pop and some DVD's.

A much needed time out.

Remember when spending Friday nights alone meant something else? Something a little more self esteem destroying and a little less 'ahhhhhhhh, that's better'.

In three nights I leave for 10 days to brave the wilderness and it's inhabitants. And by that I mean my children in a tent. There is a lot to do before then and I would love to be doing it but.........

I have lists. 3 lists. Things to eat. Things to buy. Things to pack. They are all sitting idly by while my truck sits in a shop that doesn't work on Saturdays.

I know, I can't believe it either. A mechanic shop that doesn't work on Saturdays? Who do these mechanics think they are anyway?

So.....I have some time to kill while I wait. I really wish I had the new Footloose DVD. I could use me somma that right now.

Things are going to get really crazy up in here as soon as my truck is fixed and by the time I get to Wasa Lake I will be so spent I will wonder what I was thinking. Usually I reserve that question for about 5 days in.

So now I will go set up the new tent to make sure it even works and has all its pieces. Then I will put together the hibachi and make sure it works and has all its pieces.

Then I will wait some more........

What are you waiting for?


  1. You do realize that only the Canadians reading this post know that pop isn't an inebriating substance. And btw, I am going to be at shesconnected in Oct. What are the chances you and I will be recreating that movie scene together in which we run into each others arms in slowmo?

    1. Crap......that would be awesome wouldn't it?

      I guess I should clarify that I meant soda pop. Is that American? Or just Coke. They all call everything Coke don't they?

      I will not be running into your arms at sheconnected. Much to my chagrin.....

  2. Honestly, I read the post, but the only thing I care about is stalking you at Wasa.

  3. I'm American and I call soda pop pop and I only call something Coke if it is Coke, and I don't know what an inebriating substance is! (Alcohol? Ah, Google confirms.) But I've never claimed to be a very smart American, so I'm probably not a good one to get information from.

    I've been enjoying your posts and I'm thinking you are really great for taking your kids camping and I think I should do that...someday.

  4. being trapped makes me stabby too. I hope your truck is all better!