Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Yesterday the man had to take his truck back into the shop. A different shop because the shop that may or may not have been Candian Tire have proven themselves inept and therefore been fired from fixing the man's truck.

Anyway, he drove the truck to the new shop and asked that he be picked up. By me. At, of course, the most convenient hour of the day. (He did know that I needed to get the kids to school and so he was willing to wait. Patiently.) At some point he texted me to tell me he was there and available for pick up.

When I got there he was holding a Big Gulp and a box of nails. And he looked like this:

Who needs to be brave now?

And then he went to work like that. Plaid flannel jammies and a purple hoodie.

I don't know what to say...........


  1. You are one lucky lady :)

  2. You two are so damn sexy

  3. I'm just going to say it. Watch out. You are both an embarrassment and I love it.

    1. I'm afraid of what we've become.........

  4. daytime clothing is so overrated. I'm over it.

  5. I am a handsome handsome man.