Thursday, May 17, 2012

updates on aggravation

First things first. Last night we had potato chips and pop with our dinner. And then we had Crave cupcakes. Wanna know why? Because the nightmare known as Willacy is officially over. We gave up possession and received our money. It is weird to have a burden end so abruptly. Just like that it was over. I still worry about it but don't fret, I will find something else to fill that void soon enough, I am sure.

Maybe I'll start to spend my time worrying about why the man is going through garbage at work.

Here is an update on the alleged "fajita cooker". First of all, I love that he called it a fajita cooker. For whatever reason it cracks me up. This is the culprit.......

And yes, I will agree that it undeniably looks like a fajita cooker. is missing a lid, I assume it must have had a lid at some point, and the cord. So it is going back to where it came from. And soon I hope because the thing is filthy.

We would use something like this once a year and only because we had it. Hold up! We could totally have a Fajita Night. Once a year on say May 17th? A new tradition? Traditions are good. I am all for it but as far as I am concerned I won't be writing it on the calendar because we do not own a fajita cooker.

What we do own now, however, is this piece of........

The other night, the same night as the fajita cooker chat, I came home from being out and about and found that hideous chair sitting in my living room. My first thought was that the man pulled it out of the garbage, along with the glorious fajita cooker, and with full faith in my healing/furniture salvaging powers thought he'd bring it home for me to fix with all my extra love.

You see, I have lots of extra love.

When he finally showed his face I asked what in the hell that piece of crap was doing in my living room. Can you feel all the love? He laughed and said, "I got rid of the tv."

"Oh good. But explain the chair please." Said I.

"I got rid of the tv but they gave me that chair."

Okay, confused? Mmm hmm. Me too.

This is what happened. The youth in our church had an activity that night called Bigger Better, which is just all kinds of awesome, as long as they don't come to my house. But they did so now I recall all voiced opinions of awesomeness and I put full blown aggravation in its place.

The youth break up into groups and they start with something small. They visit all the church members homes in the hopes of exchanging what they have for something bigger and/or better. The man saw an opportunity to both get rid of the tv and to drive me just a little more crazy.

I had the stupid tv on kijiji to get rid of. For free. It works but no one wanted it. The man said he'd throw it out but it sat in the family room for a week. Aggravating. Now it's gone. Thank heavens. But what am I going to do with this chair? I'll tell you what I'm going to do. Every chance I get I take a hammer to it to release some of my pent up aggravation. Since it looks like youknowhat already I figure why not? The man said he would get it gone but it is still sitting where I put it last night to remind him to get it gone.

Right in front of the stairs. He's walked by it at least 5 times.

It's still there. And so is my pent up aggravation. One kick from me and that thing is halfway out the door.

You know what my mother used to say? And speaking of my mother I just realized today that she and I have the same countertops now. This explains why she has been on my mind a ton since I moved into this house. Every time I walk into the kitchen I think of her and I couldn't figure it out. Until today. I love my mum so it isn't so bad.

She used to say "If you want something done right you have to do it yourself."

She is a wise woman and because of her I am going to get the stupid chair out of here right now. Where will I put it?

The back lawn seems as good a place as any.


  1. Wow...that seems like a weird there a point to it?

    1. My guess is that the point is a big strong one and that is to irritate the women who live in these homes.

  2. You are so bloody entertaining.

  3. ok the bringing home garbage thing is must be because my dad does it and so do I and I know my daughter is very fond of garbage too. So don't go too hard on him. It's not his fault ;)