Wednesday, May 2, 2012

on working hard

Here are my thoughts on working hard. On the physically busting-your-back kind of working hard. Working hard is good for the soul. It's like medicine for a broken spirit. A cure, of sorts. It's been a long time since I worked really hard. A couple of years. And the last time I worked this hard it was for a different reason, with the hope of a different outcome, with a different purpose. I felt good then too but I didn't want to be working that hard. It wasn't what I wanted because I knew it wasn't for me. I hoped it might have some positive impact on me personally but deep down I didn't have the faith to believe it would.

This time it is for me. It's for my future and my own healing. It's so I can move on from the last time I worked this hard.

The last few days I have been working hard. To the point where my bones cry, "No more!" They plead with me, "Please, for the love!"

The harder I work now means the less hard I have to work in a weeks time. Or, at least, I'll have more time to work hard doing other things. Like painting. Once again I will be painting an entire house. But people do that all the time so I guess it's no biggie.

When you work hard you go to bed spent. You sleep hard. You wake up rested but tired and then you work hard again because things need to be done. There are deadlines. The only way to meet them is to work hard.

I am having some serious physical reactions to the hard work. Endorphins, I guess.

It's all good.

Being an inherently lazy person, I could count on 2 hands how many times I have worked hard for an extended period of time. Like many hours a day for many days in a row. I'm not sure how much more I have left in me. It feels like lots, though, and to me that screams improvement. Progression. Moving on with anticipation for the future. I'm pretty sure it would be a whole lot easier if I was 50 pounds lighter but I'm not so........

Regardless, I have been working hard, and I am very tired. The outcome of all this hard work is a good one, lots of hope and lots to look forward to. I almost hope the hard work doesn't end anytime soon. In fact, when it's time to go on holidays this summer, I think it would be pretty nice if it was a break from some really hard work.

And not from being my usual lazy self. Youknowwhatimean?

So to hard work I raise my glass and say:

Thanks, hard work. You're a good thing. Let's make out.


  1. They say the ticket to losing weight is to move more, eat less. I couldn't help but think how true this was when I was moving (and didn't have time to eat). I did lose weight, but it didn't continue since after we moved I settled in to our new home and went back to eating and lounging.

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