Tuesday, May 8, 2012

oh they flicker and they float

1. I sat down this morning thinking I should blog something but my brain is tired. Really pooped actually. And my back is still so sore. My bed is just bad for the healing of a sore back. I've been waking up a lot in the night due to aches and pains and it has left me groggy and lazy. My fingers fall asleep a lot during the night. I hope that is normal. I'm sure I have my arms kinked in some weird way but I don't know how you stop that while you're sleeping. Also, my right knee wakes me up in agony almost every night. Am I dreaming that? If I google it will I find out I have some terminal ailment that will kill me slowly over the next 37 years? Do I want to know?

2. I found this picture on my iPhone this morning. It made me laugh. But I was standing up so I peed a little.

3. The wee ones are on day 2 of their new school and this morning I dropped them off giddy with excitement. So that is a relief. And also awesome.

4. On that same note, the older two are still at home bugging me because their new school won't register them until their old school has released them. I know they are cool kids but come on! Release the hounds, wouldya?

5. This chandelier is hanging in the new house. Not sure why, this house is not that old. It certainly wasn't built in the era where anything that looks like this was cool. What is that era anyway? Ohhhh.....right, the 90's. Actually there are 2 of them. I think it's hideous but Amelia thinks its "absolutely beautiful, like in a princess castle." I love that kid and her inability to see the ugly.

6. Every time I walk through the living room and I see this chandelier a certain song pops in my head. It goes a little something like this....."Up above candles on air flicker. Oh they flicker and they float. And I'm up here holding on to all those chandeliers of hope......."

Name that song.

7. I love that song and so I do not mind that it runs through my head almost every second of every day.


8. The man has more work than he knows what to do with. He is working 13 hour days and I'm not in the mood for it. He needs to knock that crap off and come home especially because......

9. We don't have a microwave yet and eating cold supper is gross at 8:30 pm. Ask anyone.

10. We walked to church on Sunday and it was awesome.

11. I am not adjusting well to the lack of ice maker. I'm not drinking my usual 4 litres of water and I am oh so thirsty. The fridge is cold though and makes some really yummy ice cold Diet Pepsi's.

12. Are you feeling caught up yet?

13. So I guess I'll unpack some more boxes and then take the teens out to lunch since that sounds like a nice way to celebrate the endless unpacking of boxes.

Seriously.....every time I turn around there is another flipping box that needs to be unpacked. Where did they all come from? I think they are multiplying.

I think someone is feeding them after midnight.......

Great, now I want to go watch Gremlins.


  1. Hope to hear you are all settled soon! Walking to ANYTHING is always so nice... I drive, drive, drive!~

    ps- I'll be waiting to see how you makeover your chandeliers!

  2. Hopefully someone stops feeding the boxes! After I had Kate, I had the same things in my hands. One thing to try would be wrapping a tensor bandage around your elbow, not too tight so it cuts of circulation, but tight enough to not easily bend your elbow and it helped a lot! Good luck! Hopefully you feel better soon!

  3. If you want to borrow a microwave til you get one that you want, I have one that's been sitting in my garage. It's a good one, but it's big and it has to sit on your counter. But, having no microwave sucks... so you might want to borrow it. Give me a call if you do.