Tuesday, April 3, 2012

down by the river

On Sunday we had a few showings so we decided to take the pup to the river for the first time. I'm so glad I have a video camera in my phone for how would the children ever remember the stupidity they partake in if I didn't record every single thing they do? I wasn't going to show this first video because I call my boys dumb and dumber in it but really, if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck.......

Seeing the first video makes the second video that much funnier. Therefore I proclaim, if you have a problem with me calling my children names then walk away.

Walk away, I say.

Also, I get loud for a moment. Sorry about that.

See, the boys wanted to throw the giant stick onto the ice but barely got it over the riverbank. So the man threw it for them. It made a loud crashing sound which the boys thought was awesome. So they wanted to "go get it and do it again." And I, in all my poor motherly instinctual wisdom, did not forbid it.

Off they went. Holden got hurt.

The man got the stick back and the boys wanted him to throw it again. He throws it. But......the end of this next video is why we are all here today. It still makes me pee a little.

Holden is 9. The drama is at least 16.

All in all, it may or may not have been a super fun trip to the river.

It depends on who you ask.


  1. My favorite part is when Dumber cries, "it's totally bleeding a lot" and you keep filming. :) That's my style for sure!

    1. My sympathy is astounding isn't it? I will not be winning any awards soon, that is for certain!

  2. That comment from Holden was priceless!! Alot of our outings end that way too - why is that?

  3. And I watched the videos to see you call your kids Dumb and Dumber...and then I relished in the fact that while your child is out there crying, you are video taping rather than run to his aid. ...ummmm, yeah. I love you.

  4. That was hilarious! Awesome. Classic video! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Freakin' hilarious!

    Loved every second of it.

  6. I loved the "I hate this place" and a scowl! where is this Bebo? It looks like a great swimming spot, much better than Southland Dog Park