Wednesday, April 11, 2012

my life's ambitions. part 2

I was feeling as though the entire first year of my university education was a total waste of time. I had to let it go, no dwelling. that is a waste of time.

I started combing through the university's catalogue of courses, looking for something that sparked my interest. Nothing. So I moved onto Mount Royal's catalogue. Page after page after page until I found it.

Criminology. Now that sounded cool. How many criminologists do you know? Exactly.....

I read through it, decided it was for me and applied. had to be 19 to get in. All of a sudden that first year didn't seem like such a waste anymore, except, I wouldn't be 19 for 6 more months. I had to woo the powers that be, convincing them I was old enough and that being 19 a month after school started was totally acceptable.

They said I could plead my case before a panel. And so I did.

I went before a panel of 4 professors and answered their questions about why I thought I was a good fit for the program. My answers were impeccable. I name dropped.

I took the mandatory psychological testing. I was accepted. Obviously.

Within that faculty there were four majors and I had to choose one. I chose Child and Youth Care. If there was anything I thought I had figured out it was kids with problems, having had 60-ish foster brothers and sisters myself.

I focused on Young Offenders and the next two years was a whirlwind of schooling, practicum-ing, and working and exhaustion.

I graduated, making the Dean's List. I refused to convocate even though my mum offered me cash to appease her.

Why am I so stubborn?

Once that two year program was up I was offered the chance to finish that degree but that would mean moving away to British Columbia and that would mean apartments, roommates and student loans. All kinds of scary. I wasn't interested. I don't really know why. Or, at least, I didn't at the time.

I decided to transfer back to the university, continue living at home, and finish a degree in psychology. Summer came and went and it was time to go back to school.

September, October, November 6th.

November 6th, 1994.......


  1. You are killing me with the suspense here girl! Great writing BTW

  2. You are the master of suspense!