Tuesday, April 17, 2012

killing time

The plan was to be exercising by this time today since I do that now. But then I got an email telling me that Downton Abbey Season 2 is available at the library waiting for me to go get it. But....I have to wait for the library to open so I can go get it.

So who's waiting? That's right. Me.

Why is it that sometimes when I work out it feels so light and easy and sometimes it feels as though I am dragging a cruise ship behind me? Up hill. In 5 feet of snow. I'd be a lot more inclined to strap on my $200 Nikes if I didn't think I would be cursing them when all is said and done.

Sometimes it's just brutal, youknowwhatimean?

I am addicted to Draw Something. I have 12 games on the go. And I hate it when I have to wait for someone to take their turn.

Come on, people! DRAW!!!!

The man and I laugh our brains out trying to figure out what this garbage is someone else has drawn and sometimes it takes me hours of thinking about it before I finally get it. Like yesterday 'da artist' drew a pharaoh but really it looked like a gingerbread man cookie with a weird yellow hat with a cowlick on top. She/he drew what turned out to be pyramids in the background but they actually looked like corn on the cob. I was very confused for a very long time and then the man and I exclaimed "pharaoh" at the same time. But then we spelled it pharoah and the game said we were wrong and I yelled at the screen "that is how you spell pharoah you dumb iPhone!"

Yesterday I learned how to spell pharaoh. So Draw Something is actually an educational tool and not a waste of time.

I even got Holden out of bed to help figure one out. He's freakishly good at it. Don't tell anyone I needed the 9 year old to help me, past his bedtime.

I still have 20 minutes before the library opens up. Let's see, what else do you want to talk about?

I guess I could/should start packing my house to move. On Sunday we took the kids to see the new house and to pick their bedrooms. The house seemed way smaller than I remembered. The walls are in bad shape and they need to be painted. The people who lived there patched some stuff and did a terrible job. The light bulbs were mostly burned out. We walked around looking at all the things that could stand to be changed. I left discouraged and down trodden.

The point I am trying to make is that I need to get over myself and suck it up. I am very fortunate to be going where I'm going and I need to remember that.

But then I found out that the elementary school in that community is bursting at the seams and my two littles will most likely have to go to school a million miles away. This makes me terribly unhappy.


I am hoping it's just the PMS talking and that in a weeks time I won't care anymore. But these little inconveniences remind me of the frustrations I have with the school board here, which are frustrations I don't want to deal with because there are other things I want to deal with. I get all fired up about it and I want to picket and threaten and stomp my feet and get my way.

Who builds a school that doesn't accommodate the community it's built in? Who was in charge of that? Morons.

So......12 more minutes.

Yesterday I took the kids to pick paint colors for their new rooms. Jack wanted burgundy, dark burgundy and Amelia wants a colour called Hot Lips.

So yesterday, I picked paint colours for the kids new rooms.

8 more minutes. I guess I should put some shoes on.

If you need me I'll be huddled in the corner getting my Downton on.



  1. so where is your new residence ? we have been looking and can't find anything...

  2. Thanks! I needed that! Next time run to the Libary! I love you Catheriene!

  3. I have no idea what's going on here.

  4. Ha ha, Cathereeeene has a secret stalker admirer!

    And reading your blog is also educational because now I know how to say secret admirer...my whole life I've been saying it "secret admirerer!"

    Thank you, Spell Check.

    And thank you, Catherine.

    Oh, and one more question: What is the size difference of the house you were in and the house you are moving to?

    1. Strangely the square footage is almost identical. The new house is only 100 square feet smaller. It feels smaller and it's all about the layout. The new house also has 6 bedrooms which is where, I'm sure, I'm noticing the difference.

      I'm sure i know this anonymous, she whould reveal herself.

    2. should......not whould. Too early in the morning for this typing thing.

    3. That happened to us when we moved a few years ago. We bought a house the same size but it has an extra family room and one more bathroom, plus it's a split level and the old one was one level. It feels smaller. But the location is much better and it is GOOD that we moved. Why does it seem like there always have to be tradeoffs?

  5. Double yay for working out.
    p.s I love the name Holden.

  6. In regards to the school - from what I understand if you are actually living in that community that the school is in, you get first preference. But I could be wrong, so don't quote me.

  7. We are having the same school problems in Edmonton. Our school opened 2 yrs ago and is a k-9. It was built for 850 kids and they are expecting 1100 for the fall. Grades k-3 have 6 classes in each. It's crazy. I've also heard another community here is turning kids away from the school in their area. Someone messed up in planning for sure.