Monday, April 30, 2012

hillbilly flare

I have a rule. When we move, which we do on occasion, I willingly pack up the house. And then I willingly unpack the house once we've moved. And when I say willingly, I mean I have control issues and so this is simply the best for everyone.

I let the man and his man friends move boxes and lug furniture and work their butts off on moving day. I still feel as though I have worked harder than anyone.

Don't argue with me, I really want this one. And definitely don't ask the guy who has to help with the piano.

Anyway, we got the keys to the new house three weeks ago and so we have been taking loads over every now and then. Last Saturday, the man secured a trailer from a very brave friend, on condition that the man not put his homemade anvil in it. Yes, the man made an anvil, see above picture. It weighs three million pounds. Anyway, most of the boxes had already been moved, by me, in my truck, so the man suggested we start moving furniture. Get a jump start, so to speak. Him and me. Moving furniture. I scoffed.

"No thanks, that's not my job." But, the bruises spread all over my thighs and my aching back are indication enough that I have been moving furniture. And boxes. Many many boxes.

Boxes up the stairs, boxes down the stairs. Stupid stairs.

Boxes are heavy.

Today I went over to unpack some of the kitchen and all of my food storage. I wanted to get it out of the way since when we moved it into the house we totally put it in the way.

What I learned today as I unpacked the whole wheat flour and the multi-grain flour and the pastry flour and then the white flour and more white flour and then some more white flour and then another bag of whole wheat flour is that I have a lot of flour.

Maybe too much flour. And that also, I have a problem with platters. And little platter type sets with little plates and little bowls and fun, but little, things to put tiny little pickles in and maybe some olives. Little olives. And maybe some sauce of some sort?

I don't even know what to do with these things. They are so tiny.

Anyway, we are well over half moved and I have done well over half of that myself.

Okay, probably not but my back would argue that it is, in fact, truth. I agree with my aching back.

In other news, here is a video of Amelia trying to get her front tooth out of her head. I wish it would come out already as it is hanging from her mouth in such a way that it gives her a do you say......hillbilly flare?


  1. This post was awesome! Love the hillbilly flare.

  2. The flour paragraph made me laugh. Moving food storage is the worst part. Okay, maybe the piano is the worst part. But then it's the food storage! I packed (and unpacked) EVERYTHING when we moved three years ago because my husband was doing his masters at the time. I feel your pain. If we ever move again, I'm definitely going to oversee the packing into the truck part too because I was sick to see EVERY piece of furniture damaged because they didn't even bother using the blankets I paid Uhaul good money for! Again, I'm feeling your pain and I'll be happy for you when it's all over.

  3. I also have a thing for platters!!! (just got a REALLY cute one today made out of tin and glass!). Moving is a PAIN!!!! Can't wait to see pics of the new house!