Saturday, April 7, 2012

heavenly gifts

Well, we found a house. I'm not going to tell you where. Instead I will let you guess.

Like a game.

Everybody loves games, right? I will give you a clue to help you out.

This is what I will be looking at from my back deck.

This community was not at all where we were looking but all the rules changed for me when the opportunity came to live across the street from our church and the new temple.

I could never pass that up.


It's like a gift from heaven. In fact........ I'm sure it was.


  1. That's awesome! Will you be able to get possession before you need to be out of Willacy?

  2. hmmm that suspiciously looks like the one in Royal Oak/Rocky Ridge. Did I win? Did I win?

  3. Just had a thought - we could drop off our kids for Cicely to babysit while we go to the temple - how convenient!! ha ha

  4. You will be neighbors with my parents! They are in that area, so happy you found a home!

  5. Yep, that's in Royal Oak /Rocky Ridge for sure! You'll be so close to me!

  6. Is it a fixer-upper?

  7. Excited that you sold your house & that you found another. Fingers crossed that we have the same luck.

  8. Wonderful. Completely.