Wednesday, April 4, 2012

the cinnamon challenge?

I guess we'll dedicate this week to really stupid videos of my sons. For here is another one we tried over the weekend. Or they tried. Not me. I'm too smart for that. Notice how my girls are never in these??

There are a few things I want you to ignore whilst watching this:

1. The very first thing I said. Despite the fact that I am running the video camera I must not have known it was on. Lizzie farts a lot.

2. My backyard is not landscaped and for whatever reason the lighting on this video gives the whole thing a real trailer trash feel.


3. My chastising Holden for spitting cinnamon all over my deck.

Other than that.....this is what turns these boys cranks. Things that are beyond silly.



  1. I have heard of this challenge but do know what the point of said challenge is??

    Your boys are silly.

    1. There is no point. This is the point.


  2. Is it okay that I say that little boys are little buggers?

  3. Too funny! I saw the cinnamon challenge made the national news the other night."What is this seemingly innocuous substance that could kill or seriously hurt your children?" good grief