Monday, March 26, 2012


This is Cate.

She is my niece. She is 3. She is a spitfire.

And she is also my namesake. name is not Cate and her name is not Catherine so I'm not totally sure how that works.

Whatever, I think she's the closest thing to a namesake I'll ever have. And since she's a fearsome thing to behold, not unlike her auntie, I'll take what I can get.

She eats popsicles in a very strange fashion which, when all is said and done, leaves her face with one stained cheek.

Cate stayed with me all weekend, along with her two brothers. Which took the kid count up to 7.

It was real loud-like.

Anyway, every time I look at Cate I think about her being my namesake which reminds me of a story that makes me laugh every single time I think about it. Like laugh out loud laugh. Not LOL because I really hate the LOL but seriously, I laugh. Out loud. Every time.

Does that ever happen to you? One memory makes you laugh every time you remember it? And then you tell someone and they look at you like you have no idea what humor is? Last night I told the man the funny story that makes me laugh out loud. I told him I was going to blog about it.

Him: How are you going to tell the story?

Me: Just like I told you right now. You laughed. It's funny, right?

Him, dead pan face: Well, good luck with that.

I asked permission from the person who made this story so funny that I laugh out loud every time I look at Cate and he said I couldn't use it. So I decided to use it anyway and call him Bob.

His name is not Bob and he may or may not be directly related to Cate. I'm not allowed to say.

One day Bob rented a movie to bring home to his wife. Upon his arrival she asked him what he rented.

He response was this, "It's called Nom-a-sock-ee."

"Nom-a-sock-ee? Hmmmm, never heard of it," was her response to his response.

When she looked at the DVD case she saw that it was called Namesake.

And she laughed and laughed and laughed.

As I have done over and over, every time I look at Cate, since she told me that story.

I love Cate, that magnificent beast, my little nom-a-sock-ee.


  1. Hey, I laughed out loud too!

  2. That made me laugh - outloud!! Thanks for the giggle!

  3. It's funny. (I laughed.)

  4. Me too. Audible giggle. Another good one has stuck with me since fourth grade...a kid in class read the word "dee-dur-mind" instead of determined. But your story is better, since Bob was a full-fledged adult and everything. Which reminds me of the time my husband called to tell me he bought a car and when I asked him what color it was, he said, reading from a paper, it's maw-chuh. He's never had coffee before and I've been calling it the ma-chuh car ever since.

  5. Kyle... What the heck is tit-ling?

    Wow... I was dumb... Or am dumb?

  6. HAHAHAHAH. That is GREAT!
    p.s I love Cate. She sounds wonderful!

  7. hahaha that is funny. And how perfect that she is a spit fire and named after you :)