Thursday, February 9, 2012

the typo

The typo. What is there to say really? Other than the typo is annoying and obnoxious and really hard to find. Especially when you are the one who created it.

It's like the Where's Waldo of your own personal blogging universe.

Usually, every day, okay not everyday but very very often, when I read something written by someone else I find a typo. Even in novels that were edited by professionals (ahem) I find them and I will admit, right here, right now, it brings me relief.

If there can be a typo in a Timothy Findley book then I'm not going to worry so much about the fact that they are all over my blog.

On average I read my posts 734,982 times before I post them. I'm not the best typist so I feel there needs to be a level of devotion to the proof reading.

And I am nothing if not devoted.

Yet, more often than not, I'm sure, I miss something. It's hiding there. The word to instead of you. Or form instead of from. Or, heaven forbid, there instead of it's best buddy their. Buy and not by.

All of these travesties I am guilty of. But just remember that you probably are too. And if you're not then I bow down to your amazing abilities in regards to the keyboard.

Yeah I could probably name ten bloggers who NEVER have typos but for every ten there are at least 100 who do, on occasion.

I think it shows our perfect imperfections. And I like it. I respect the fact that others, too, struggle with the editing unbeknownst to them. It unites us. Brings us closer. Like a family. A family of bad spellers. A forgiving family of bad spellers.

Or bad proof readers. Whatever. We're a family.

Sometimes I have people point out my typos and I like that. Don't get me wrong. I don't want an inbox full of emails from people thinking they're doing me a huge favour by pointing out my incessant flaws. But as one loyal friend put it, "Its like pointing out the broccoli in your teeth. That's what friends are for."

Yes, ma'am, that is exactly what friends are for.

I mean, really, do I want to be walking around with broccoli in my teeth? No, sir, I do not. And I love broccoli, so.................

Sometimes I go back and read posts I've written months and months ago and see the typo that hundreds of others have seen. Hundreds. And not me. Until now. How is that even possible?

Well it is. I am proof of that.

It got me to thinking. I figure, why shouldn't something awesome come out of all this disappointment? So to you, I issue a challenge of sorts. The next time you see a typo in my writing do me a favour. Go to the bathroom mirror and say three put-ups to your reflection. Affirmations, if you will.

Something along the lines of this.

And consider it my gift to you. Something good out of something so horrific.

The typo.

Again, you're welcome.


  1. I always find the typos in Novels. And I cant stop staring at them. Drives Me crazy!

    A couple of us are doing the foundations class tommorrow at 8 if you would like to join us. Lacey turned me into jello last night and I am going back to my nice calm Tenille.

    You have created a monster Catherine. And I thank you.

  2. The first time I noticed a typo in a real live book (edited by professionals!) my world turned upside-down. Literally. Because I fell over.

    You mean, famous people aren't perfect?!

    Anyway, I think you should know that I think you're hilarious! I get so excited when you post. :)

  3. No one has said anything yet about the typo I just noticed. I think I will wait this one out.

  4. I can not find it, but then again, it could be in my comment.....argh!

  5. Timothy Findley. That's your typo :)

  6. Should I be embarrassed that I don't know who that is? I'm off to google...

  7. I am pretty confident there are typos in every single one of my posts. And yes, I read and proof them a bajillion times. There's one in my post right now...I know it's there but I'm not fixing it. It's a pretty big one too. But I'm leaving it there. Because I'm lazy. Or something.

    Okay, now that I'm talking about it so much it's really bugging me. Sigh. I guess I'll go fix it.