Friday, February 17, 2012

random friday facts

Yesterday I picked up my new laptop. It isn't a Mac so i have to get used to this new keyboard. You may find random \ or other things that make no sense sporadically placed through this well thought out article.

Plus I use the wrong side for making something a capitol (what the heck is that key called) and it is tiny so I mess up a lot.\\


Why is the space bar so tiny?
Moving on.

Oh also, I'm in bed. And this would be why I needed a laptop. Because, as a woman, mother and hormonal vessel of feminine awesomeness I feel the need to take to my bed on occasion. I can't do that if i want to also be on the computer. Best of both worlds. Youknowwhatimean?

Lizzie is whining from her kennel as per usual. \Sweetest dog ever but.........bless her heart she is driving me. She peed twice on the floor yesterday. She was doing so great. She even rang the bell once this week to go out to pee. Just as soon as \i think we are "getting there" she does something so deeply aggravating. If you ask the boys if puppy ownership is everything they thought it would be they would say YES! If you ask me if puppy ownership is everything I thought it would be I would say, sadly, YES!!!!

I don't know how to turn spell check on on this thing. I need to figure it out. Also, where is the volume control?

I am going out for dinner tonight with grown ups. This is amazing news. Also, I will not wear sweatpants.
I attended my first twitter party last night. It was bananas. Chaos. I won stuff and that is the purpose of my being lately.

This is a stupid post. I apologize.

I think the man and I need a few nights away. I can just tell, our relationship needs some recharging, rejuicing, regenerating. I keep thinking life will get 'normal' for us and we can take care of anything broken due to prolonged stress then but waiting for 'normal' is like waiting for the dog to stop whining, or pigs to fly, or hell to freeze over. Although with this bizarro winter we're having I'm wondering about the state of hell, temperature-wise.

The point is, if I could, I would whisk him away and smother him with love and hope that he would perk up a bit and return to me. He and stress do not go well and I miss him. He hates his job and when he hates something this much he starts planning. His wheels start turning and the grandiose ideas come flooding out. His plans are never easy. It scares me when he starts planning.

See also: our current predicament and the reason we are in it. See also: he hated his job and wanted to try something new. See also: we are re-listing our house. Again. Soon. See also: hate it

Typing that gave me a belly ache.

I told him he was in charge of date night tomorrow. I think I broke his think bone. It was overwhelming.

I think we have been black listed in the fostering community. My paranoid (I typed paranormal there and had to delete it. what is up with that?) senses are tingling and it's getting harder to get a hold of people.

I am completely weaned off sleeping pills. Actually there was no weaning, I quit cold turkey. I had three bad nights but then I started sleeping great. You know something is off kilter when your sleeping pills don't make you sleep. So I quit the pills and started sleeping with Spiderman. It's been torrid and amazing and I'll tell you all about it in another post.

I have the most fantastic dreams now. The downfall of the sleeping pill is there is no dreaming. Now I dream the most amazing, vivid, motion picturesque dreams ever. I wish I could bottle them up and share them with you. They provide me hours of entertainment in the day.

Today I am going to finish Mildred Pierce. Has anyone watched that? I am simply not getting what the big fuss was about. It's kinda boring and Mildred is just not likeable.

Okay, so, I can't think of anything else to bore you with so I'll sign off now. The dog is quiet and I'm stressed wondering how long it will be before she starts to sing her long sad song. Plus, I should feed the poor dear.

Oh....and the children.

Ahh, there is the singing. See also: whining in a high pitched irritating manner.

And yes, I know 'kinda' is not a real word.


  1. Yay for dinner with adults! I'm even going to shower. You should feel special.

  2. Super excited for dinner tonight! Probably won't shave my legs though since none of you will see my legs. Shower? Yes. Sweats? No. Makeup? A little bit. Woohoo!

    This post was not boring, btw, there were a few nuggets sprinkled throughout that we can all relate to, I'm sure. And funny as ever.

    Hope your husband pulls through for date night!

  3. Okay, I'll shower. But I can't promise no Lululemon! Love the "hormonal vessel of feminine awesomeness"...that's exactly what we are, and everyone can just get used it it!

  4. I love that you said you started sleeping with Spideman! Lol. I enjoyed this post.

  5. Adults only dinners rock! See you there!

    A little sad that you've weaned from the Sleeping pill... I really liked when you wrote on those things. LOL Just kidding!

  6. I just thought I'd let you know/ there are a few /typos in this post/