Thursday, February 2, 2012

the little things

I'm up to my eyeballs in puppy training books and emails from people who want to help me train this little black goddess. I'll take all the help I can get.

She's doing great.

That being said after a giant poop and a puddle of pee at me feet. She's a sweet pup and clearly she thinks I am the gate keeper.

Because I am the gatekeeper. Maybe not Zuul quality but I'm working on the wardrobe now. And the moves.

Moving on. Some fun things have happened around here. Besides getting the dog. Other things. Other things do happen on occasion.

Numero uno. I won a ticket to BlogWest. And this is awesome because I just so happened to want to go to BlogWest and then kaboom.....I am going. Because it's free. Well, I would have gone anyway but now it's free. I love free.

I also need someone to dress me for this event. Where do chubby girls shop for cool clothes? And don't say Addition-Elle or I'll hunt you down and stab you.

Here's the slightly kooky story. Last week (I think), I was on the twitter. Twittering. As I so love to do in the evenings when my focus on the tv wanes and I find I'm need of distraction from my distraction.

I saw @blogwest2012 asked a question. Who is your favourite West Coast Blogger?

And me, in all my vain glory tweeted "ME! ME! ME!" Unknowingly entering myself into a contest to win a ticket to the conference.

And then I got a congrats tweet which prompted a quick 'whattheheckisgoingonintwitterland' timeline search. And low and behold.....I won a ticket!

Three hours after I bought one.

But they refunded the bought one because they are that awesome.

And then I couldn't sleep because I never win anything and I felt all 'look at me! I won something!' which is not conducive to sleep in the least.

The moral of that story? Toot your own horn. When applicable.

Then we got Lizzie and that has just been one super treat after another.

Feel free to read between the lines on that one.

But then.........

This morning, I sat down to read my fave blogs with my Diet Pepsi which, by the way, I only drink 2 a day of now, but this is not the point. I came across the newest posting of one of my top 5 favourite bloggers of all time. The one and only Ms. C Jane

She wrote, today, about making goals and achieving goals and how sometimes it's hard and that it doesn't matter the size of the goal. Goals achieved are goals achieved and that's worth their weight in goal'd.

Get it? Goal'd?

Anyway, she so graciously mentioned my sweet boys and their goal to get a dog. It took three years to get to that 100 days but they did it.

That mention blew up my blog today. We are talking thousands of hits. Thousands. The most blogging fun I've ever had in my brief blogging history. And I think it was probably a wee glimpse into the life of a 'world famous blogger'.

*Wink wink* C Jane.

Thanks for the fun Courtney. And remember......making your bed cleans up your room by at least 75%. I read that somewhere. I swear it.

It's the little things, people.

The little things.


  1. Congrats to you! You do have some super parenting strategies that ought to be shared with thousands!

  2. Yay! Congrats!!

    I am a compulsive bed maker. So I do believe that stat!

  3. I saw you on CJane today and thought: Hey! I know (sort of) that blogger (even though I never comment). And now you're famous. And so awesome about going to BlogWest. I was considering it/am considering it? I dunno. I'm on the fence still. If I won a ticket though - that would take the fence down although my husband might feel abandoned (it's his birthday).

    1. Husbands get over that sort of thing. If you know what I mean....

      Wink wink

  4. So glad you won the ticket. Will be fun to hang out! Maybe I should make some kind of agreement to get a dog. i want one but

  5. Congrats on being famous. How awesome! I too was reading cjane and wondering is that the catherine I know? And it was. Hope your good luck continues.

    1. Hi Andrea! Thanks for stopping in. Small world, huh?

  6. Best thing I did for house training was the Potty bell by the back door. Also called tinkle bells and the like. Great idea. No whining allowed. Enjoy that puppy!

    1. We are for sure doing the bell training. I love the idea and eventually everyone in this house will be responsible for letting her out to potty.

  7. Muwahahaaa. I too came over to read your blog from the infamous cjane. You've got some darn good stuff if you ask me! Now how to train a kitten...she has got a Mind. Of. Her. Own!

  8. It's ALWAYS about the little things.


    That's what Elvis used to say was the secret of life.