Thursday, February 23, 2012

can i take your order?

Last night I had a dream that I went to a restaurant for dinner and Tim Riggins was my waiter.

Really now, what more needs to be said?

Except I bought a new iPhone off a friend to replace the old one I smashed to smithereens but I need to unlock it. So I bought the instructions online to do that.

In true Catie form though, we get it to a certain spot in the unlocking process and then things go to crap. I spent hours yesterday trying to figure it out and then the man spent a couple more trying the same things I had already tried.

Surprisingly, it didn't work. Strangely though, I am NOT surprised. Weird how that goes, no?

Getting in touch with them is proving to be a whole other set of surprises. And still, I'm not surprised.

Yesterday was a long day. But finally, after cleaning up poop, making frozen pizza for dinner because that's all my anxiety would allow, reading 130 pages of a book that is borderline torture, which is to be finished for book club tonight and still isn't done, and getting owned by about 7 people in Words With Friends, I decided to hit the sack.

And Tim Riggins graced me with his presence. Bless his heart. Even if he was merely a waiter. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I mean, the world needs waiters too, right?

Making memories, we are. But still.......come on. Between the dog having diarrhea all over the floor and this stupid unlock-able iPhone....... I'm about ready to pack it in.



So..... I have choices to make. I can continue on this path to lunaticville that I have been on where I am cranky with everyone. Or.....I can breathe deep and decide to ignore the barking, clean the poop with a happy heart knowing that the end is somewhere within the next 14 years (do labs really live that long?), be patient with the children and loving towards the man who leaves his itty bitty whiskers lying around and make a dinner that does not come out of the freezer.

Let the experiment begin. I am heading toward my happy place now. And in making this decision to remain cheerful in these frustrating and trying times I am hereby choosing to take the advice of one wise and noble football superstar:

"Keep your guard up. Stay angry." ~ Tim Riggins


  1. Sometimes 20 years... Just sayin :) on a high note I am 1/4 done your hippo hug ;)

  2. I agree with Tim. Embrace that anger.