Wednesday, February 22, 2012

am i right? or am i right?

Welcome to another rousing rendition of.....

Am I right? or.....

Am I right?

I wanted the man to participate. Actually, physically participate in this and gave him ample opportunity to write out his side of the story but alas, he did not. Just between you and me, I think it's because he knows that, once again, he's wrong

Or at the very least, I'm right.

See, I wanted him to feel heard. He tends to think that when I present the argument via the interwebs I sway the argument to make me look right.

For shame, I would never do that.

Never. Ever.

And I resent the accusation.

Since he didn't do up his side I will present it to you as unbiased as I possibly can.

Yeah, right.

He can retort later if he wants to. I will tell my side. Then I will write what he said to me. Then you decide.



When he shaves in the bathroom and trims up his beard he usually, not always but usually, leaves his little itty bitty whiskers all over the counter. Okay, not ALL OVER, but pretty much............. all over.

It's better now since I started to make him clean it up but it's still there. In places. On the counter.

And it's gross.

My argument:

This makes me unhappy and I've let him know how unhappy it makes me. This past Sunday I asked him if he'd cleaned it up and he said "what's the point? The bathroom needs to be cleaned anyway."

And here is the issue. That bathroom always needs to be cleaned, a lot of people use that bathroom and why shouldn't they? It's beautiful. I designed it and we all love it. The point being, just because it's in need of cleaning isn't any reason to leave it worse than you find it.


Especially when he knows it's not him who is going to be cleaning it. I mean, if he was the cleaner of the bathroom then I
I'd say "have at 'er big guy. Make all the mess you want. What do I care? I'm not the one cleaning it."

But that's not how it goes around these here parts. I am the cleaner. And when I clean I scrub the shower, the floor, baseboards, counters, sink, faucet, mirror, toilet and cupboard fronts. So all I ask is that he cleans up his whiskers once a week.

His argument:

He says he picks up my hair ball in the shower.

So we're even.

I'd like to stop here, but I won't in the name of good, healthy debate.

He does pick up my hair ball. I could pick it up but I know he will so what would I bother? Which is exactly the same mentality he has about the whiskers. I realize that. But we're not even. Not even close. If we were there'd be no blog post today.

It's a little like a slap in the face to assume we're even. He picks up the hair ball and I clean his whiskers. Even if that's all it was we're still not even.

Bending over, picking up hair, flush in toilet. Not the same as pulling out a cloth or disposable wipe and wiping an entire counter.

Tit for tat. But it's not, you see?

Okay it's close.

Let us not forget though all the other extra cleaning I do that goes unnoticed, obviously. I do all the laundry and the housework. All I ask is that he cleans up his whiskers once a week.

Now that I've written this all out I'd be shocked if he even remotely had an argument to make.

Sorry babe, I declare it


Unless, of course the interwebs feel differently. Let's see what the people have to say.

Shall we?


  1. I say that if you especially don't like to do it (I'm getting the vibe that you don't), and since it IS his mess, he should do it out of love for you. You know, just like I change all the poopy diapers when I am here (which is almost always) because when my husband tries to do it, he gags and dry heaves until his eyes water and although that makes us all laugh pretty hard (especially the two-year-old), because I love my husband I do it so he doesn't have to suffer. So I say you win.

  2. You are totally right! Hubster sometimes will splash a little water on the hairs in the sink and think that its good enough, but they are still EVERYWHERE!!!

  3. It drives me crazy when my hubby bugs me and says, "the cleaning lady will get it!" The cleaning lady being ME! I think you guys should make a deal; he cleans up his hairs, you clean up yours. DONE.

    1. I like this suggestion. A lot.

    2. Grab your hair ball on the way out of the shower and he has no case. A good rule would be "if it's your hair, show you care."

    3. haha, anonymous. You totally made my day.

      Oh I'LL show HIM I care!!

  4. He totally loses. When he said, "it needs to be cleaned anyway," I shouted, "then why don't you clean it!" My hubs trims his hair and leaves giant clumps of hair all over the counter. It's gross.

  5. I clean the whiskers and the hair ball... He *most of the time* cleans all the toilets. Im ok with this... Except when he shaves in more than one bathroom. What the heck?

  6. You win. For sure. It's nice of him to pick up your hair in the shower, but it's not even close to being the same. His takes one pull or wipe. Cleaning up little hairs takes a lot more because they get everywhere! You win. Case closed.