Tuesday, January 31, 2012

miss lizzie

"Dude, there's a dog in here."

"Is it real?"

"Is it ours?"


"I love her."

"I love you for buying her."

These are all the things I heard within the first 2 minutes of the kids finding our new dog in our house after school.

She was a surprise.

Sort of.

You see, about 3 years ago I made my boys an impossible promise. I promised them that if they got along for 100 days I would buy them a dog.

They really wanted a dog. Real bad-like.

I thought this was a sure thing. They fight. I'm off the hook. It'll never happen. I sat comfortably in my smug. Worry free.

I'm not a dog lover.

They tried to get along. And they failed over and over. In fact, one time, they made it to day 43, they even had the fancy chart and everything. Then they had an epic (that was for you Lilah) blowout. Jack ripped the sheet into a bazillion little pieces and then he packed a bag and left home for good. He did leave a parting note that said:

"If you find my dead body in a ditch don't bother having a funeral for me." Oh the drama.

He then proceeded to hide in the back yard in freezing temperatures for a couple of hours until he decided to return. Defeated.

They didn't try again for a long time. This past summer the man and I had noticed that they had been getting along frighteningly well. We suggested, to each other, that we not mention anything to them.

Then one day, last October, they approached us, "Have you noticed that we don't fight anymore?"

"Yes, I may have noticed something like that going on around here," I responded.

"We are trying for our dog again."

It was at that moment I started to feel the defeat.

100 days.

It came and went and we had to concede that these boys of mine earned that dog. No one could begrudge them that.

The hunt began. And then it ended here. With Miss Lizzie. She's a 5 month old, 30 pound Black Lab. So far she hasn't made a peep. She slept through the night without making a sound. Which is more than I can say I did.

The children are enamoured. Even the big one who begged me to renege on my promise. "Please don't get them a dog, there are enough animals in this house."

She's just as smitten as the rest.

Lizzie does not like the hardwood and yesterday refused to get up and walk. We dragged her outside and she walked a bit but would not pee.

This morning she peed, pooped and walked around after she found her footing. Maybe she is a real dog after all.


  1. I'm not a real animal lover - but my family had labs growing up and they really are the best dogs! Good choice - she looks lovely!

  2. Okay, I just LOVE the story of why you had to get a dog. Your boys are so precious that I want them to be my kids!

    1. They are sweet boys. You can't have them. Sorry.

  3. I'm not a dog lover either & I love her already too!

  4. She is just as cute as your kids! You'll be like my husband who said "shell be YOUR dog" a few days later... :)

  5. We did this too. And for the first few days I thought, this is easy. And THEN, she got comfortable or something. Now at eleven months, she's a pain and therefore she fits right in. Cute pictures!

    1. She only made it two days before she got comfortable and annoying!

  6. Ohhhhhhhhhhh I want one too. Poor Studley the dog is getting old and I think a puppy might make him a bit spunky again...even if just for a short time!!!!

    1. Well, we're three days in and I can for certain there is something about a puppy that makes everyone all lovey!

  7. Well, I am a dog lover although once I started having children I decided no animals for a long time because I had/have enough work to do. That being said I have a soft spot for a black lab - I mean, the eyes! The soft ears! I am sure she is going to be well loved.

  8. She's gorgeous! We got our black lab, Henry, a couple of years ago to help with my son's completely unfounded fear of all four legged creatures. He missed out on playing in the park for years because of dogs. One 9 week old black lab worked wonders literally overnight and we haven't looked back at all. Hope you all have tons of fun with her.

  9. Labs are wonderful and great with kids. I'm totally impressed that your kids wanted a dog bad enough to not fight for 100 days. I think you should've let them each get one. Can you tell I'm an animal lover?? :)

    ~ Wendy

  10. Normally I would be happy for you and want a puppy of my own. Right now though I hate all dogs and am incredulous that anyone with children (who need to be told no many times a day) would add a puppy to the mix. It just doubles the negativity! If this sounds like I speak from experience, I do! We are currently living with my parents and my mom just got a dog. Max and the dog are driving me crazy! If I'm not saying "No Max, don't throw your food!" I'm saying "No Max, don't pick up the puppy by the neck" or Don't give that to the dog!" All day long it's also "No bite!" "No bark, Max is sleeping!" "No poop on the floor, poop on the mat!" (Eeww, I know!) I am so tired of correcting kids and animals!

    Feeling cranky!

    Cute about your boys though. And I hope you have a very pleasant experience!

    1. My youngest is 6 and the oldest is 14. I'm not too worried about it.

  11. I think you have made those boys work hard at earning the right to their dog. We too have considered the idea of a puppy. My husband grew up with a dog always in the yard and I never had any pets. I'm nervous of taking on the responsibility without truly knowing what I'm letting myself in for. We've settled on two guinea pigs and a couple of chickens for now! Good luck with your beautiful black lab. She looks so adorable. I look forward to reading more of your adventures!