Thursday, January 5, 2012

are you serious?

2012 isn't off to the bestest of starts. My computer is still broken and blogging from my iPhone is NOT one of my resolutions. Couple more days and I'll have it back and then I'll sit and write a 50,000 word post.

Just kidding.

Am I though?

So, right this second I feel like I'm in a calgon commercial. One kid is practicing the piano in my cavernous house. Ohhhh, the echoes. One is playing with action figures next to me. A war is brewing. One is singing some incomprehendable song on the other side of me in an attempt to drown out the piano playing, which he loathes. The fourth one is walking from one person to the next with mistletoe trying to kiss everyone. She is irritating, youknowhatimean?

It is so loud in here.

I may be in need of some alone time. Not sure, but I suspect.

The kids still have 5 days before they go back to school. I'm not sure how the math is done on this one since it feels like they've been home for 3 months already.

The Bachelor started. It was so awkward, I spent most of the 2 hours with my head turned to the side fighting the urge to apologize for my blatant intrusion on their private, personal psychosis. These people are bananas.

My kids asked me why I watch that garbage.

I told them I didn't know. Because I don't.

Why do I watch that garbage?

Anyway, this is an actual conversation my husband and I had last week whilst driving around.

Me: oh look, the van next to us says they run a dating/introduction agency. That's kind of different, no?

The man: (silence)

Me: I wonder how much business she gets. I suppose there's a need but......

The man: (silence)

Me: ages 35-75. So I guess if you are over 75 you're on your own in finding love?

The man: (after a long silence) You know, if I was a 35 year old man I'm not sure how thrilled I'd be if I was paired up with a 75 year old woman.

Me: are you serious?

The man: (silence)

The End.


  1. Ya know what would make your day even better? A dog.

  2. Just wanted to say that I love to hate The Bachelor. I tell myself that my girls are too young to really be paying attention, but when the two girls were getting a little too cozy on the couch and my five year old's eyes were bugging out of her head I realized that she is now officially too old to be in the room for it!

  3. Yes, the children are shunned from the room while I partake of this social experiment. They hear me speak my bafflement out loud and wonder why I do that to myself.

    It's shameful.

  4. I had to buy a new computer too because my laptop died a few days after Christmas. It was frustrating I feel your pain!