Thursday, January 19, 2012

the apple saga continues

After 14 days I decided it was time I give Apple a little gift. The gift is Me. When I'm mad. After awhile, 2 weeks to be exact, I started feeling messed with. Youknowwhatimean?

A violation of sorts.

I called the Apple store, the very same store that is holding my computer hostage. The same store I think may have either broken (for good) or lost my computer, and asked for the manager. The guy told me no. I was not allowed to speak to a manager.

Oh really?

I let him know that I had a message for this person he was not allowing me to converse with. You let her know, I said, that I am unhappy.

Or something like that.

Yes ma'am.

A couple of hours later she called me and told me we would be getting a brand new computer. And they would be retrieving my stuff from the old one.

Give me a day, she said.

Today, after our movie date that may or may not have included Tom Cruise, we popped into the Apple store to see how our friendly manager was doing. She said nothing had been done yet. She said she was working on it.

Give me a day, she said.

You tell me. Does this story have a happy ending?


  1. I think you are having wonderful restraint to not completely lose it on these people. How ridiculous! Good luck! I hope you get a computer soon.

  2. Tick tock apple! New computer would be nice.

  3. I've never heard bad stuff about Apple until now. I wonder if this is common? Crappy either way!!