Wednesday, December 14, 2011

on this night, this merry christmas night.

The 12 days of Christmas for our snow angel is going swimmingly. We almost got caught last night leaving the Turtle Doves outside their house. Amelia screams with glee as the boys ring the doorbell and run for their lives.

Good times.

We can't get enough of these guys around here. Children and Christmas go together like Diet Pepsi and popcorn.

11 days. No Christmas shopping done. Could be a problem.

Off to find three french hens now........

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  1. Oh man, no words can describe how badly I feel for you that you will have to brave the malls and stores to get your shopping done! I am praying for you and hope you come out alive. Well both of us actually (I'm braving Target, on a weekend soon)!! Please keep us updated!!