Monday, December 12, 2011

and so goes the cycle. part 2

Remember this?

Well.....since then lots has happened in relation to my beloved iPhone. My iPhone has lived the quite the exciting life. It has taken the most amazing adventures. All of them dangerous and possibly fatal. My iPhone is an adrenaline seeker and it takes chances with it's life that I would never take with my own.

Some people are like that.

Hmm? What was that? What did you say?

My iPhone is not a person? Oh mercy, I dare you to tell it that. It's smart like a person. And it can do things other persons can not do. Like google stuff. Can you google stuff? Not without google you can't.

My iPhone has google and you don't. So there.

It also has Angry Birds and can tell me what movie is playing where and what time at the drop of a hat.

Can you do that? That's what I thought.

So let's recap. The man fixed the screen but my phone was still wonky. The home button didn't work all the time until Jack dropped it on the floor. I yelled at him. But then it worked perfectly. So I apologized. And, I was in love all over again. My phone worked and everything in my little iPhone world was all hunky dory. But.....then...... I noticed the sounds didn't work.

No sound. Whatsoever.

Who cares. If someone calls they can leave a message and I'll call them back. If someone texts then I'll see it eventually.

I can live without sound. On my iPhone.

Then Amelia dropped it on the floor and the phone didn't work at all. People would call. I would say "hello? Hello? Hello?" And they would say "hello? Hello? Hello?" It was like we were talking but not really because we couldn't hear each other.

So the phone part of the iPhone doesn't work. That's really not a big it?

This morning I dropped it. Face down. The screen shattered. A big chunk fell out, exposing what looks to be very delicate features indeed.

It still works so I texted the man.

Me: I just dropped my phone and totally shattered the screen. If I wasn't irritating to you enough already, I certainly am now.

To which he responded: Thanks for the update.

To which I responded: I sense emotion that might not be totally love related.

To which he didn't respond.

See, he's been less than enthralled with me as of late. Don't know why. I think it has more to do with his abrasive personality than anything but try and tell him that?? Woooweeee........have mercy on my soul.

Want to know what I was doing right before I dropped my phone butter side down? I was taking this picture.

This is my clearance letter so I can donate blood. The nurse said it would take months so I shouldn't hold my breath. It took one month, which is opposite of how the world is supposed to work so not only am I confused but now my iPhone is broken. Again.

I booked an appointment for me and the man to donate blood in January. Maybe by then he'll like me again. And maybe also, I'll have the new iPhone.

With an armor on it that will be indestructible to the all the forces of good and evil that will inevitably try to destroy it.

Namely me.


  1. hahahaha you CRACK me up :)

  2. Oh my goodness. My husband would drop his iphone if I would let him. Then he could get the new fancy schmancy one. Maybe the man could let you get one. And I recommend getting a protective case. Andrew has one that is safe from 5 feet high... Good luck!

  3. I hate it when I drop my iphone butter side down.

    Oh wait, I don't have an iphone...

    Okay, well, I do hate it when I drop my bread butter side down, so I guess I can sort of relate?

  4. YAY you can donate blood!! Woot woot!

    Ps- sorry about the phone.

  5. Poor iPhone :C Yah donate blood, which reminds me I have to book and appointment :D
    Is there going to be another night out 2 donate? I'm considering plasma and platlets too.