Wednesday, November 16, 2011

seemedly, I am fustrated........

Yesterday I wanted to blog a little sumpin' for your lovely eyes. But seeing as how I was over 6000 words behind on my book I needed to do that instead. Four day weekends with 4 kids will kill a certain momentum, youknowwhatimean? So...... I needed a day to catch up.

I almost did catch up but then, all of a sudden, I couldn't see straight anymore and I started making up words. This is when I figured that not only should I stop but I should probably not bother mashing words together on my blog either.

I started making up words. Well, it was one word and I didn't know I was making it up. I thought it was a real word but the little red line kept telling me no.

I hate it when the computer is wrong and I am right, I thought to myself. So I googled it. Nothing. So I'd it. No results found.

Well, what the heck??? Seemedly was surely a word. I tried hard to prove it. But to no avail. Here's the sentence I wanted to put it in:

"And seemedly more in control of his temper than I would have given him credit for."

I was perplexed. What happened to the word seemedly? Did someone remove it from the dictionary because they hate me?

Well, I never. I had to remove it from my almost New York Times Best Seller and insert seemingly instead.

Because apparently, seemingly is a real word. Seemingly. Pfft. Whatever.

Who can I email to get my word made into an official word? I want copyrights.

People use words all the time that are a total crock of madeupedness. But because they are oblivious to their own ignorance (and I mean that in the nicest possible way) they get to spew those freely out into the universe.

How is that fair?

Here are a few examples for you to consider incorporating into your everyday vocabulary. I will give you the word and then give you a highly intelligent sentence as an example.

Acrossed. As in "He was acrossed the street." Nope, sorry, not a word. Not in any context whatsoever.

Fustrated. As in "I feel fustrated when people don't speak real good. Y'know?" Come on now y'all. Come on.......

Supposably. As in "Supposably he's a Rhodes Scholar. Hmmmmm, I wonder why I'm not." Don't quote me on this but I think it supposably has something to do with the people who love you not telling you the truth. Or something like that.

Actually, I think we can blame that one on spell check since it doesn't recognize the word as being UTTERLY and ridiculously wrong!

Irregardless. As in "Irregardless of what people try and tell me I don't believe in redundancy."

Don't even get me started on the whole controversy surrounding the to/two/too epidemic and the plague what is they're/there/their. What about the fact that yesterday does not have a U in it and that definitely is spelled wrong 97% of the time. Yes it most definitely does not have an A in it.

For the love of all that is good grammar and spelling correctness someone teach the people!

So back to my point. I want seemedly to become a word. I believe it makes sense and I like the way it flows from my tongue.

I wrote this post late last night so I could post this morning and still get another 6000 word day in on my book.

I seemedly have my priorities straight.

See what I mean? It's a word.


  1. Oh my. People spell definitely wrong 97% of the time?? I don't think I've ever spelled that wrong or ever thought it should have an 'a' in it. Or yesterday having a 'u'? Actually, most of this posting has left me quite perplexed (let me say too... I'm not a perfect speller, but I do think I'm a good speller).
    But, I will admit that it got me thinking about how frustrated I do get with Cam about such things. He's the King of making up words. And words that are not even remotely close to being correct. It's even gotten to the point that his co-workers would bug him. I'll usually ignore Cam's made-up words, but I can't stand it when my kids pick them up and use them. Sometimes it's just so ridiculous. One of my favorites though, was when we were driving on a windy day and Cam says "we're being thrown around like a thimble-stick." What?? Now I just use it as a joke. Timble-stick. Ridiculous.

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