Monday, November 28, 2011

a random assortment of me

It's Monday. Yesterday brought a crazy wind that gave me the shakes. Natural disasters might be my biggest fear. You can't win against the wind. Unless your superpower is fighting the wind. Which mine isn't. Mine involves fighting myself, which just so happens to be a full time job. I'm too busy to fight the wind.......

I heard crazy stories yesterday about the havoc the wind was wreaking. They even closed downtown. This tree is lying on the street by my house.


Speaking of downtown, I took three of the kids downtown to see a show on Saturday. The man suggested I take the c-train.

"The kids would love it," he said.

"You're right," I replied. "The kids would love it."

Huh? Hello, me. Have we met?

Two of them loved it but it's me who should have known better. What do I care if the kids are having fun? I sold my sanity for six dollars and twenty five cents.

Someone got a screaming deal. Let's just say construction in the downtown core made it so we had to get off the c-train and take a shuttle and walk to where we were going. It was fine though because the Calgary Tower is real tall-like and I could see it. The problem came when we got out of the show and I didn't know how to get back to wherever it was I needed to be. I am not public transit savvy. Nor do I ever care to be.

Jack said only podunk hobos take the c-train. I chastised him, explaining the concept of public transportation. I argued, endlessly, that he was wrong. And he is wrong but he's also right.

Purell, anyone?

I only had one plan. Take the train there and then take the train home again. I did not make room for concessions.

And to make matters worse, I wore really uncomfortable walking shoes.

Anyway, we worked it out. A one hour show took 4.5 hours to accomplish. No biggie.

"Lesson learned," says my aching feet.

I'm under the gun people. I have 42,708 words written in my novel. I have only three days to finish. But...... I am also in charge of the Cub Christmas Craft on Wednesday night. There are 23 cubs and this is what we're doing.

We are also gluing Kisses to the back of every number otherwise they won't make it. There has to be incentive when you are a 10 year old boy. Food.

Thank-you Pinterest. I may have caught a glimpse of your value last week.

I have some punching out little white circles to do. Like 500-ish. And also.......some writing. Last week my book made me cry. Hard.

That's a good sign, right?


  1. My boys LOVE the c-train! Me? Not so much. Enjoy your crafting ;)

  2. Oh man, sucks that craft isn't working out for you because it looks awesome! Also, holy is Amelia ever loving the c-train the that picture hey!